I got a kill right on me

…but I haven’t exploded anyone.
It has about 20 days to expire. Can someone buy a KR on me?
Weird :thinking:

I can’t imagine making someone that mad, other than my ex boyfriend, but it was all his fault anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure it isn’t a killright you have against the other player?

Killrights are only issued for illegal agression. It’s possible some illegally attacked you, doing little or no damage and you didn’t notice.

Its under the “Kill Rights Against You” I checked my combat log tab, and while my embarrassing losses are there, there are no kills on my end.

I did the math, and it looks like it may have happened when I did my first rogue swarm attack, and I just went in safety off, “guns-a-blazin” and I hit the the sleepy ship I was supposed to apparently hack instead, then concord showed up and did its thing with me.

I don’t remember anybody else on the grid, and the bad guy was the only thing targeted.
Do think they “claimed” the drone by attempting a hack before I got there, and then left it?

Well there is your explanation - killrights are also issued for attacking a structure, container or wreck of another player (although confusingly, there are exceptions). If you put your safety to red and managed to do something to get a CONCORD response, you also managed to get a killright issued against you.

If the other player didn’t transfer the killright or make it public there is almost no chance this is ever going to be used against you, especially by a random event runner who probably even doesn’t know how they work.

You shouldn’t be afraid to put your safety to red if the situation demands it, but this event also shows how leaving it on yellow probably is the best policy most of the time just so you don’t accidentally do something to provoke a CONCORD response.

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yea, sounds like a good reason to me!

I reached out and asked if they knew why they had a KR on me, and apologized. They said they didn’t know either, but don’t worry, they won’t activate it, and told me to fly safe. (Im hoping anyway. From the looks of the reply, English is not their first language)
A bit later, I saw them in the same system, so I figured if it was a trap, it was gonna happen any sec now, but nothing.
Guess I’m gonna keep that safety on HS from now on…ooops!

Thanks for your reply

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BTW, if Sydney is finally blown up by them, does the kill right vanish, or can they kill her over and over until the kill right expires?

It is a KILL right, authorizes one single kill, though activating does not count so if one activates it but fails to kill then the kill right still is available.

(When you activate a killright the person becomes a blinking yellow suspect for 15 minutes thus anyone can shoot him/her.)

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Sometimes strange things happens with NPC structures and things. Once I got a killmail from a poor guy who got killed by NPCs right next to me with me the only other one on grid but never shoot the player. Your killright might be assigned to some other random person on grid with you when you got concorded.

Since I play only this char, I try to avoid receiving killrights (sadly no ganking or killing none-flashy pods). Also having safety off in highsec for normal play is suicide. Whenever you accidentally shoot an NPC structure you get concorded.


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