Got attacked, but I went suspect?

I’m just trying to figure out what happened, and if there’s something I’m not ‘getting.’

I had undocked from station. I was sitting there making some adjustments to overviews and what not, when all of a sudden I was attacked, and saw drones buzzing around me, I got a shield alarm, etc. I just instinctively hit dock-up, since I didn’t even know what was going on, and doubted I’d have time to assess the situation before being killed (didn’t even see an enemy on-screen, though no doubt I would have if I had zoomed-out and oriented the screen).

Once inside station I started evaluating what happened. I had a suspect timer, as well as all other associated combat timers. I also found out the guy who had attacked me. He was in a Loki or other T3 cruiser.


1 - I was attacked.

2- I did not attack back.

3 - I got a suspect timer.

4 - I was not CONCORDed.

5 - As far as I know, the attacker was not CONCORDed.

6 - It was high sec.

7 - My safety was set to green. I confirmed this by undocking, and checking.

I don’t care that I was attacked. I’m just trying to understand game mechanics, and am wondering if some kind of weird glitch occurred. Should I get a suspect timer if someone attacks me? The only thing I can remotely think of that explains this whole thing is that I inadvertently clicked in space and accidentally stole something from a can floating nearby, without ever knowing it or even seeing the can. I’ll log into that ship after writing this and see if anything is in my cargo bay, but beyond that, does anyone have an explanation?

Kill Rights do that.


Someone does have kill rights on me which are publicly available. Still, it’s unexpected that I would go suspect because someone activates a kill right on me.

Unexpected yes, but that is exactly what killrights do.


That is exactly how it works, though. If it’s not public the holder of that killight can cause you to go suspect anytime, and if it is public, anyone can.

Maybe you had a Kill Right that the guy could activate.

Since you’re trying to understand game mechanics, let me explain :

When another capsuleer do an offensive action against you in either High or Low Sec (Null sec and Wormholes excluded), you gain a Kill Right against him, even if you’re ship or pod isn’t destroyed by said attacker.

If, after the engagement, you find that exact same character in the cluster (preferably in High Sec), you can click on his ship, pay a fee to CONCORD and the character will get flagged with a Suspect Timer for 15 minutes. Kill Right last for one month.

Unexpected, yes, you might not stumble across a guy you caused troubles if you get far from his area. But allowing you to become a target not protected by CONCORD because you did a Criminal action in the past 30 days against a specific capsuleer is what Kill Right are for.

The EVE Flight Academy made this video on Kill Right :

How Kill Rights works

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I thought kill rights were exactly what the term seems to imply - “kill rights.” I killed a guy, so he has a right to kill me back. And I don’t have a problem with that. But I had no idea kill rights were the ability to make me go suspect anytime, anywhere, any place. I’ve played Eve for years and never knew that.

Fair enough, but that is the way they work since CrimeWatch 2.0 was released in 2012.

Yes, the only way someone can engage you without being CONCORDed in highsec, or going suspect themselves in lowsec, is for you to be a legal target.

So killrights allow another player to activate the killright, which makes you suspect and anyone can legally engage you for the next 15 minutes.

If your ship or pod dies (only requires 1, not both), the killright is cleared. If not, then the killright is still available and can be activated again, making you suspect for another 15 minutes.

After 30 days, they expire.

Fair enough. I guess that clears up the confusion.


Clarification please - You say that if your ship dies but your pod survives the killright is cleared. If you’re in Hisec, does that mean someone who subsequently kills your pod becomes a Concord target themselves, as the killright no longer exists ?

For someone who keeps voicing his… amazing ideas on the game, he sure is clueless on the mechanics of it.


Only if they shoot the pod after the suspect flag expires. They suspect flag lasts 15 minutes so usually you can actually kill a target multiple times with one killright activation if they were silly enough to keep reshipping and coming out to fight you.

But the killright itself is cleared after the first successful kill, so a suspect flag cannot be activated again.


The right to attack is granted by the suspect flag, the killright grants you the ability to activate that suspect flag, if he still has the suspect flag while ship lost but in pod now then you can attack him, if not then not unless you want to become criminally flagged and concordded.

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Did you look at any of the logs immediately after you docked? they may still be there and shed a little light on what happened?

Pedro, Uriel - thanks.

Yeah. Logs said some dude was attacking me with drones and a… whatever it was (Loki?).

Eve is wonderful. You got to feel the experience whoever you killed had when you attacked him. Double the content for the price of one!

Ha! I wish you would actually go afk somewhere and then it would happen. Would be hilarious. :laughing:

No. I didn’t make the person I attacked suddenly and unexpectedly go suspect, without understanding how or why it occurred. Having said that, I have no problem with the mechanic, I simply wanted to understand it.