Ask about Citadel offensive rule

Surely I’m not a new character but I’m new to PvP.

In lowsec, I saw someone lighting up a cyno outside a citadel.

First question:
The icon of the citadel is a grep slash. Tooltip said “without docking permission”. Under my understanding I think it means I cannot dock the citadel but it also will not actively attack me (the red slash will). Am I right?

Second question:
If I attack him (not a good idea because someone may undock right now and enter the battle), will I provoke the citadel and be attacked?

Third question (somehow off-topic):
After I killed someone in lowsec, how do I know if he get a “kill right” off me? Because I still mainly play in highsec.


besides, why I have neither suspect nor criminal timer after assaulting another player in lowsec?
I recalled when stealing can in highsec, I got a 15mins suspect timer.


The color depends on your overview settings. The slash indicates no docking access, arrow indicates docking access. Red just means Terrible Standing or War Target, most likely.

The citadel will only attack if someone is manning it. It isn’t like a POS where the guns automatically fire even without someone manning them. Like you said, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to aggress someone on the citadel – and that requires them to be untethered.

If they turned their aggression mods on first then they would have gone suspect, and then when you turn on your aggression modules you would have a limited engagement timer (blue circle). If the person you aggressed had a security standing of -4.95 or below then anyone can freely engage them, including you. You don’t get a criminal timer in lowsec for aggressing someone, just go suspect (though gate/station guns will fire).

Thank you for your detail explanation. I feels like a rookie when I come to lowsec. I’ve been playing in HS for several years and seldom venture to Pochven or WH - where there is no rule to obey.

And the citadel can only be attacked when it is vulnerable (some periodically hours per day), right? So I erroneously recalled my memory on POS.

Oh I recalled the victim was flashing yellow when I assaulted him. So he is a legal target even in HS. I was too nervous to notice that when I decloaked and pressed F1.

I also read some articles (Kill Rights, Criminal Timer) from the EVE-Univ and official support, and know that I’ll only get a criminal timer and giving off a kill right when podding innocents in lowsec. Good to know that.

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A citadel can be attacked at pretty much any time, unless it has recently been attacked and is now in reinforced mode.

You do not need to do anything to provoke the citadel. Citadels can be manned just like a ship and the person inside it can decide to attack anyone just like they could if they were flying a ship.

I don’t play in high or low sec, so I’m not completely familiar with the rules there.

I assume they get a kill right when you’re doing a criminal act. And I think only attacking pods counts as criminal in low sec, but I might be wrong. So try to avoid killing pods if you do not want them to get a kill right.

(Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that).

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Learned a lot. Thank you.

So that’s the large (grey) button ‘Take Own’ in a Citadel. I guess HS Citadel cannot perform criminal acts, right?

Thank you. I’m not playing this game continuously (I just re-omegaed after a gap of a year) and worrying about loss of assets if I went AFK. I think I’m not ready to join null-sec yet.

Yep! And I think they cannot perform criminal acts, but I’ve never been in a position to try.

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