Sentry Guns Shot Me. Why?

I saw another pilot with suspect status (blinking yellow) and proceeded to shoot him near a high sec gate via my drones. As soon as the first drone shot hit him, sentry Guns at the gate killed me instantly. Why?

Was he still suspect when you got killed? What was your safety set to? Because it is possible by the time your drones reached him he just went out of suspect status.

Mind linking the kill?

As the only losses I find had players on it.

How do I link a kill? Newbie here.

Probably a bait: Some leave the station or reach a busy gate only seconds before their suspect timer ends and hope that other players attack them the second the timer ends. In this case, exactly the same what happened to you happens to every attacker: They get shot by concord.

There is an easy way to avoid that: Set your safety to green (the little dot left of the HUD). But I’m not sure if there is a crucial one second timeframe, when you click to aggress the same tick the timer is expiring, a green safety maybe could fail.

With every loss or kill directly connected to you, you receive a message with the kill data (called “killmail”). In this message, you can extract an “external link”. This link you can import to zkillboard, then you can share the data online off-game.

I figured it out. he wasnt a suspect. he was yellow because he had a standing below 0. so i was wrong to shoot him.


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