Allied logi should probably not go suspect for repping

My corp got wardecced by a corp that lives 4 jumps away from our lowsec home (also in lowsec) and so we decided to go over to their system for a fight. There was not really a fight but in the process one of them shot at an ally who was in neither my corp nor my alliance but was both in fleet and part of the war. I repped him and got a suspect timer , we were in lowsec, all involved parties were part of the war and I was the only one who had a suspect timer. I understand why neutral logi goes suspect, but why did I go global suspect for taking part in a war I was part of anyways?

You were neutral to the attacked player. Even though your fleet member was at war you were not, thus you are a neutral repper and got the timer. You do not inherit standings by joining a fleet.

That is not correct, they wardecced my corp and the attacked player joined the war as an ally of ours.

O so i got that backwards then. Your ally attacked your war target while not at war then? Well thats why you got it. Your ally was the neutral agressor and you got the flag because of it.

Indeed. You are correct. Both are you are in a legal war with an opponent and by all logic, should be able to rep each other. Sadly, CrimeWatch isn’t smart enough to know this and treats you as any other neutral.

This is a limitation of the code that has never been fixed. You are correct in thinking it shouldn’t be this way, and I am sure CCP will agree with you, but it is one of many things regarding wars that need developer attention.


I’m sure if we go back and look at the blog posts they promised to iterate on it…

… 5 years ago…

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Corp A is at war with Corp Z
Corp B allies with Corp A in the war Dec.
(Has the 24 hour wait period expired?)
Corpmate from B is shot by corpmate from Z.
Corpmate from A, reps and gets suspect timer.

So in theory A and B were at war against Z. But the game has no knowledge if A and B are actually friends. So to error on the side of caution, CCP coded suspect.

As for why… Same scenario, but this is EVE. AWoxer Evil dan is in Corp A. Corp B is actually his neutral logi alts. Corp Z is his paymaster.

He shoots people in his own corp. The logi alts in B rep him, his own corp can’t break Evil Dan’s tank nor could they legally attack the logi in Corp B. Rest of Corp A whines on the forum about unkillable logi and life sucks for CCP. So again, they stop this by erroring on the side of caution.

Remember this is EVE. If you leave a loop hole, everyone will abuse it.

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Makes sense thanks for that bit of insight.

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