Why does my logi get a suspect timer when repairing a player with a log-off timer?

Whenever I boost/repair a fleet member with a red 15 minutes Capsuleer log-off timer, I get a suspect timer and also this prevents any type of logi in high sec because concord will attack if I repair or remote boost a fleet member. Fleet member doesn’t have any other timer, doesn’t have suspect or criminal.

Why is this happening?

All fleet members are in Guristas FW, so using logi in highsec against other war targets is impossible because they will get suspect timer if boosting anyone with a capsuleer (red) pvp log off timer.

Just to make sure. Are you in GuriFW too?

Given how many people put their fleet watch list at the top of the screen…it can actually overlay and hide suspect timer, so its worth checking that.

All of them are in Guri FW. I’m multiboxxing, they all me, so I know for sure nobody is suspect timer when I provide boosts. I still get a suspect timer if I logi boost my main if it has a pvp log off timer.

All the answers here: https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/introducing-the-new-and-improved-crimewatch straight from (ex)@CCP_Masterplan himself.

We’ll do a written test next Friday at 1200 Eve time…

It’s called “inheriting a flag”, and it’s a thing. Before that there was “Concordokken”, lol.

As @Cypherous (see next post) points out, it’s the consequence of the weapons timer (see 2nd table in Crimewatch link above).

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Thats usually a weapons timer

Happened a lot during the triglavian event because of logi healing someone with gang links running, its pretty normal when it comes to how the timers spread

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Repping a neutral ship was taken away because the repping of gank targets kept gankers from getting ship kill every rime a gank took place.

After every sentence? Delayed over time. Tissues are on wholesale at Sam’s Club.

For FW being in same militia is not enough. You have to be in same corp/alliance to provide assistance with modules.

I love the classics.

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Because it’s convenient and expedient.
As has been explained in this thread, that’s the way the game works. You can’t just… do whatever you like in a… Sandbox game… hmmm, yeah.

This was helpful, thank you. I’ll try get everyone in same corp and test this again.

Are you Brave enough to fleet with me to accept me as your logo pilot. I do have skills.