Dear suspect baiters, what will you do, with neutral logi banned from highsec?

  • Yes, I will continue baiting
  • No, thanks. Too risky from now on

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Option 3: No time for wasting doing that crap.

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I need to vote to see the results.
i’m not a suspect baiter.
critical design flaw detected.
mind blown


My first poll, didn’t know what option to tick.

But as you are not a suspect baiter, your vote is not requested. Works as intended. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s baitist. I feel discriminated.

Good Luck™ with your poll! :smiley:

Hold on!

You’re a suspect baiter?
I had no idea!


guess ill click a random one and scew your stats just so i can see too


We have a bingo! :smiley:

Baiters gona bait.

To actually state something on topic, and because the thread seems so sad and lonely:

Maybe they’ll grow out of their pampers and manage to stop being losers who require to win to feel good about themselves.


Was this helpful? :blush:


I always mostly did it solo (have enjoyed reps before, but rarely… never had an alt for it) … but have kind of quit because it’s a mess to do since Crimewatch and the flipper exodus.

Risk reward for it is pretty unbalanced.

If and when I do it again… I’ll still not use reps… so I clicked continue doing is as it wouldn’t be a change for me.

To be fair, losing as a suspect baiter to your victim is embarrassing. :wink:

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Nah, I used to lose all the time.

If you aren’t losing you aren’t challenging yourself.

Losing isn’t an indication of skill… it’s an indication of how hard you’re pushing your skills.

I’ve never looked up to someone who was afraid to lose.

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What are the results so far?

8 votes, 63/37 yes/no.

My own vote was yes, cause I’m generally playing without alts.

I can’t change the vote settings without voiding the counts.

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Lot of people seem to be missing that the CONCORDOKKEN for neutral logi is linked to some strict requirements. Under the new rules suspect baiters can still use in-corp/alliance alts if at war, or any neutral logi if not at war.

Although I doubt that people falling for suspect/killright baiting are paying attention to logi on grid and what corp/alliance those belong too.

Edit: as linked below by @Tipa_Riot CCP intends to extend the criminal offense to remote reps to people with limited engagements / duels.

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According to an update by CCP Lebowski it’s the same for everyone then, war or not.

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Still reads to me as no criminal flag if target NOT at war, OR target shares a corp/alliance. (WTB that “go to next dev response” button from the old forums.)

Edit: there is another dev response, see below)

Yep, neutral assistance in any limited engagement is a criminal act now, so dead for any highsec combat outside corps in wars.

EDIT: Never mind, false alarm, but it has consequences to war fights, if one participant goes suspect (e.g. killright), and engaged by a neutral, he can’t receive reps anymore.

EDIT2: Although the changes have some merits, they will certainly reduce PvP in highsec even further.

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I will reread it but I read war or limited engagement = criminal.

Here is the statement:

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