Dear suspect baiters, what will you do, with neutral logi banned from highsec?

Interesting. Thanks for linked that.

I think it’s a good change with a bad taste.

I mean … the real problem was that no one shot the suspect logi. The mechanics aren’t to blame, and the players … well, they’re underachievers who abused the fact that no one engages the suspect logi.

If they refuse to do any duels otherwise, then they’re doing it wrong. No, it’s not a play-style. Ignoring the play-style fallacy, how can “being such a sad, sore loser, that I need to cheat in duels to make sure I always win” be a play-style?

Makes me wonder.

You know … as long as the repping module keeps cycling until CONCORD arrives, this really isn’t much of an issue. And, to be honest, I could rep someone as -10. Granted, though, that would be near impossible to deal with, when I’m trying to duel someone at the same time.

I wouldn’t judge about players, using all available mechanics to their advantage. Personally I solved this dilemma, by restricting myself to one account … you see me repeating this often in posts, because I continuously have to convince myself not leaving this route.

EvE isn’t a game of fairness. But knowing the duel partner may likely play foul, killed the reputation of the duel mechanic, sadly. Maybe it’s too late, maybe we will see more duels. Still neutral boosts are a thing.


Wait, i thought it was just wars? And not duels or suspect baiting?

Or maybe i didnt read the dev blog thoroughly enough. I do that sometimes, when its a wall of text, and i have better things to do.

I hope more players reduce themselves to one account types like your playstyle. It will make the universe more interesting

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The suspect baiters I know do it the old-fashioned way, with an Ishkur of Fantastic™.


Both, was a small easy to miss paragraph in the original blog, and even Lebowsky didn’t know on first day. But he confirmed the next, that neutral logi in PvP is banned from highsec generally, see my quote above.

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Oh man, that will change the landscape of Duels forever.

Yes now when I duel freighters it will be a tad more fair. +1 on this change!

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Hey Pix!
What’s that?

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I agree with this wholeheartedly.

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Hey Sol, good to see you.

The Ishkur of Fantastic™ - Many a battleship has succumbed to this beast.


I can personally speak to it’s potency.

Carry on regardless. Don’t tend to use Logistics anyway, and now people will be that bit more willing to fight without having to worry about potential outside assistance. Some will even grow overconfident in the days following the changes.

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You’re bad if you needed alts to get kills suspect baiting. Get an active tanked Ishkur and live the dream, with a beefy active tanked cruiser docked in system that you can swap to before the timer runs out. (You’d be surprised how many mission/mining bears will see your ishkur warp off and assume they’ve won, only to die confused when your deimos or machariel lands ontop of them.)

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That’s gonna suck for suspect baiters…I guess.

Jita Counter gets half


So dumb

I actually support getting rid of logi, period. Just makes fights last longer…infinitely longer in some cases…

And this made idiots like Holeysheet leave. Automatic thumbs up.

PS I only run a single account as well, just like Tipa. Very definitely changes your perspective on the game.

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I all the time past I’ve been doing wardecs, even though I had a neutral alt, I can count on one hand the times I had to use the neutral logi. In the end, I just dropped the logi altogether for a full time scout/links, and even then rarely had I to use the links and burn my alt.

Target selection and ship selection through widely distributed assets goes a long way for it to work. Same with suspect baiting, play smart and one can solo most ships or couple ships. Is it harder now? Yes, for some players, so what, adapt.