CCPlease revert logi changes

I know this is a pretty old change but making logi get Concorded when repping a suspect is such a bad mechanic. I ended all 3 of my subs the day this was announced.

I would like to play eve again. Suspect baiting has always been what my friends and I have done for fun/isk and it’s not like I cant do it solo it’s just not nearly as fun. I want to be able to logi my bros again and furthermore recruit other bros to logi me. You wonder why new player retention is so low while simultaneously making changes that discourage veteran players from doing anything but blowing them up.

But unfortunately a suspect is no longer a valid form of gameplay. Shunned by CCP and reduced to a solo only endeavour. Oh how I miss the days of being able to play with my friends :confused:

Guess I should just suicide gank like everyone else… or just forget about Eve forever. I kept up 3 accounts for 10 years and you did nothing but spit in my face with repeated nerfs to my profession trying to pander to a crowd that will never play your game.

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I remember you.
You’re just trolling and baiting.


Trolling how? I really wish they would revert this change. I’d resub all my accounts that very second if they did.

Well, sure. Let’s say you’re not trolling.

Why do you believe this shouldn’t end with you being CONCORDed?

Suspect didn’t do much against you …
… and often actually worked in your favour, didn’t it?

Why should it?

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The suspect flag was perfect. A prepared party could just kill the logi. An unprepared party would DIAF. The main thing is, suspects could play together and form a community. Now we have literally no way to assist each other. Suspect=Solo now… I’ve adapted to so many changes over the years but removing the ability for me to play with my friends? In an MMO? Seriously?


Maybe you should get better at it?


Again it’s not about that. I can bait solo just fine. It’s just not fun. I have no way to build a community or a team. CCP has removed the ability for suspects to play with friends.

You should’ve seen the game 6 or so years ago. The amount of suspects all banding together was insane. Now the entire community is gone. Nothing but a few remaining players posting a KM every now and then but that’s it.

It’s really sad. The suspect baiting community used to be so dope.

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I believe that’s the thing.

As far as I remember, in 99% of all cases there are no prepared parties, because …
… a prepared party can do nothing when you dock up at the slightest sign of danger …
… and/or undock your alt to have another repper at hand.

I’m not trying to say there’s anything wrong with that or what you do.

I do say that when people just stop playing like this …
… then they never really were a community to begin with.

In the end it was all about the “griefing” … (and there’s really not much wrong with that from my perspective.)
… and not about the friendship …
… because social connections last beyond game mechanics.

I understand your position …
… but I can’t say I feel sympathy.

This reminds me of the guy who whined about Incursion payouts being nerfed many, many years ago.
He was going on about the community and friends and blablabla, but in the end it’s all just about greed.

It’s quite disturbing to think that someone really mistakes common greed for friendship.
Same goes for your thing. Your common element was “griefing people in an easy and risk free manner”.

CCP took that away and all these people …
… who never gave a ■■■■ about you anyway …
… vanished as much.

Kudos to you for actually caring, though.
I guess you deserve at least some sympathy.


I suspect bait enough.

I am in channels where single individuals suspect daily. When I do it I can catch battleships daily, multiple. Others suspect bait Orcas daily.

Others do at Jita and kill multi billion isk ships.

I have played a lot longer than you think, and out of corp logi was cancer. There is no prepare for overwhelming logi. Even when logi went suspect.

Sure there is, literally just have the numbers. You can look at my billboard before you attack me and see everybody I played with, they’d all be in local too.

Remember you have to actually attack the suspect for anything to happen. How did we take on the mentality that shooting a suspect should always yield a fair fight? If you dont wanna get bobbed, dont shoot the blobber.

Do you not realize how many play styles get removed with short sighted changes like this and furthermore how unfair it is to us that instead of simply ignoring us (because you dont have to shoot us) you’d rather have us removed from the game entirely?

Except we were and are still friends. I text these guys all the time. A few still play eve solo but most have quit because were no longer allowed to play together because people think they should be able to shoot obvious bait without doing any research and get a fair fight.

Please know that I’ve run out of Likes …
… otherwise I would have Liked your post.

You’re not wrong. They could have tried giving you something else.
Problem is that I doubt it would have been any use.

The uniting aspect among all of you doing this …
… was the fact that you had a far too easy way of winning fights and overpowering others.

Ah well, there’s that at least. vOv
Try finding something new.

Or go to lowsec. :grin:


Then “suspect” bait in lowsec. There you can have as much logi as possible.

If you want to be suspect, I agree with this change from CCP. As a Matter of fact… my logi can rep me when I attack a suspect. cool huh.

When I go suspect. I take on it on the chin that nobody can assist me.


No the uniting aspect was it was an activity wed all done to plex our accounts for 6 years. It was our profession. Similar to how some mine and some do missions. You’d be pissed to if CCP didn’t let you interact with others in your profession.

Man take you inferiority complex somewhere else. I dont “take it on the chin” in a video game.

This fair fight complex you all have has really trashed this game.

I’ve done plenty of low sec but it’s just not enjoyable enough to warrant the cost.

The plebs will tell you “real pvp” is fair and honorable 1v1s.

The pros know that “real pvp” is pvp that pays your subs.

I don’t do fair fights. Even when I, as a suspect, take on a paladin in Nergal it is not a fair fight because that paladin was never going to win in the first place.

Complaining about a mechanic that just about everybody thinks was bad in the first place. Tells me you are just bad.

But as old players we all have to complain about something right? MEH GAME… you know what I complain about? Watchlists. That is my pet peeve.


That crowd’s a bunch of wannabes who can’t cut it outside of their artificial ■■■■■■■■ fights. :slight_smile:
It actually means something to me that you know I’m not against you or what you did in the game.

You take care …
… and find new friends!

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I am not against that game play either. I took full advantage of that as well.

But it was still a really bad mechanic. I would love it if i got move my Repping alts of corp again. :slight_smile:

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