CCPlease revert logi changes

Judging by how much you like to talk about yourself I’m assuming you have no problems playing alone :roll_eyes:

Rich coming from somebody complaining about your gameplay bein impacted and CCP has to revert just for you and your “friends”.

They should change it back not for me but so we can have a suspect COMMUNITY again and actually PLAY TOGETHER. As opposed to currently where we are expected to play solo in a MMO.


It’s silly really. If you played world of warcraft you wouldn’t attack a group of 5 players solo. Furthermore Blizzard isnt going to KEEP players from grouping in PvP… Somehow as stupid as this sounds CCP has managed to do just that at least in regards to suspect baiting I high sec.

Blobing freighters with a gank squad of bots?

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What are you talking about? Can’t play together my ass. You can’t use this particular cheese tactic any more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use other ones, or find other activities to do together.

For example, you could have one of your buddies fly a bowhead, and if you’re in danger of dying, you could deposit your ship in the bowhead.

A suspect point could be a great alternative to a suicide point, as it won’t get concorded, and will get him to pick up a weapons timer. So, suspect bait him in a sufficiently tanky ship, and then have your friends drop catalysts on his ass (they can use alpha ganker alts if they want).

So, you’ve got options. It’s up to you to figure out what works best and/or is the most fun for you.


Baiting with logi sucked. Plus it seems more like your alts were logi, not other players.

Try MTU hunting and baiting mission runners into shooting your frig.

Can I have your stuff?


Do you have friends?

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Sounds like salt forming into words.

Logi’s should be concorded while repping a criminal.

When someone robs a bank, does the getaway driver get off without consequence? No.

If your involved in the crime, you deserve to get punished as well.

Working as intended. carry on.


Yes, actually.

The vast majority of bank robbers only get caught because they’re greedy.
Robbing a bank once is a sure as ■■■■ way of getting relatively rich without getting caught.
And I’m talking real, professional bank robbers, with planning and all … not desperate solo folks.

Properly organized bank robbery with screaming, showing off your gun, having a getaway driver, etc …
… and the whole job is done in a minute, maybe two. Can’t really afford (heh) more time than that.

Most robbers really just … work … until the robber falls into the “one more time” trap caused by greed.

And then there’s those who explode ATMs. We had a group in Austria that did this.
They eventually got caught because they were greedy.
Too many, too often. Stupid fucks.

That’s … totally unrelated, but hopefully interesting.


The only positive change to the game since 2012…
Let it stay this way.

Matter of perspective…

Can baiting and flipping was the core of Eve PvP in my opinion… and the strongest atmospheric element any game ever had.

When they retired it the game went stagnant.

Everyone I knew quit. I kept trying for a long time, but that was the gritty underpinning that made Eve feel real.

Eve no longer has petty thugs like me exuding danger and creating content in every system.

Noobs have nothing to fear. No monster to plot against. No content to talk about.

I don’t see positive. I see a game that contains only grind.


Instead of having hundreds of petty thugs, spread unpredictably around the game universe, we now have nearly unbeatable consolidated wardec corps.


You can still do stuff in fleets. But better dont do the PvE content CCP is preparing for players, when it includes standings of any kind.

The thing I never understood about people hating can baiting was that it was consensual.

You had to decide to fight, then steal the can. Or, you had to jet can mine (which had at least a dozen safe manners in which it could be done) in a belt to get your stuff stolen. Then, you had to choose to fight.

Either way, you had to consent to the fight.

Why that needed nerf is beyond me.


i remember one time i fell for the trap of a suspect baiter, the guy was super cool and we had a good laugh about it afterwards. I even remarked how if he baited me just a short time earlier i would have been in a much more valuable ship. It was a pvp loss that i enjoyed regardless. Well played to that guy, dont recall the name would have to remember which pilot I was on then find the loss lol

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Right, whiners killed a HUGE amount of content that they didn’t even have to participate in just because they think they should be able to make uninformed decisions and still get a fair fight.


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The point this story should make is that you remember the event… years later.

Fondly, or as a learning experience, this was the visceral power Eve nerfed away.

What do noobs of today have to remember years later?


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