CCPlease revert logi changes

Nothing, the game is so stale now. It’s insane how many incredibly immersive PvP professions have been completely gutted while CCP tries to attract WoW players that will never play this game anyways.

I really miss the old Eve :’(

Same here.

I’ve never experienced a game like Eve pre-2012. I’d still be playing it if they hadn’t gutted the best parts.

I used to log-in for 30 minutes before work to pick up station fights. That’s how many delinquents used to orbit the station I lived at.

It was t1 frigate fights all day.

That playstyle is fully dead. Grinding is all that remains.


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This was happening before the changes
People just pointed at the changes as an excuse to justify themselves, but it had minimal impact on player behaviour.

Yea, we were all saying it when they made the change too. Suicide ganks and war decs are definitely not better content than suspect baiting.
I remember back when CCP even used to consider “salvaging” a valid profession even when most of the salvagers were actually baiting.
Now it just seems like its too much effort for CCP to explain to entitled carebears that they are playing an MMO sandbox so instead they just take the sandbox out of EvE.

That was the worst reply you could of given… was off topic, and you straight up lied… The accomplice driver ALWAYS gets locked up as well. You’re full of ■■■■…lol

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If the changes weren’t implemented, then one instance that would have been fair to do, is for EITHER side, if logi interfered, fair game for either side to blow their ships and pods up…

if you are gonna interfere then there should be consequences.

What do you do, when you tell the OP to go play Hello Kitty Online? Would that be the same as telling them to go ■■■■ themselves? ( i know its actually offline now, but still)

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I wasn’t talking about the driver specifically …
… which seems quite obvious to me …
… but maybe you’re having issues?

I’ll try again, making it easier for that one person who needs it:

First bank robbery the odds you’re getting away are stupidly high.

The odds are all in your favour.
Second time, though, without months in between, is completely different.

The main reason why criminals are getting caught is because they’re not stopping.

That’s literally how it used to be. IE: If I was suspect and someone logi’d me they’d go suspect… That was fair… having Logi go GCC just removes a bunch of content for absolutely no reason. Like people can just look at my KB before they attack me and know wtf is up. How on earth that was too op I’ll never know.

I see you and others making uninformed suggestions so let me answer those as well so you see I’m not just ignoring you.

  1. You can’t deposit your ship while you have a weapons timer, so the bowhead kick is out the window (not to mention the bowhead cannot take gates into a mission).
  2. Suspects do get concorded. You’re assuming that everyone automatically shoots the suspect, which is very far from the truth. Not to mention if someone shoots I’d much rather ransom them than blow them up.

To answer @Daichi_Yamato I have been baiting mission runners for almost a decade, I am aware of the strategies at my disposal. The problem is that all of those strategies are solo and give me no way of supporting or being supported by any friendly entities.

I am literally incentivized to AVOID my friends in game. Which is why I’m saying this is a really sorry change.

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You can wait out your weapons timer. Moreover, this is a tactic that is actually being used by people, and there’s been discussion about whether it should be considered smart play or an exploit. Of course, not being able to take it into mission pockets would limit where you could use it. But that’s really beside the point.

False, suspects do not get concorded. Only those with criminal timers. Also, shouldn’t you know this?

I wasn’t assuming nor asserting that, and I don’t understand why you’re bringing it up. You said you were suspecting baiting before when you were using nuetral logi to rep. So the same limitation applies to both tactics? Honestly, I’m at a loss here. I don’t understand how we’re not on the same page.

Okay, sure. But you can still profit from their wrecks. Moreover, you can research/develop other strategies that are more to your liking. In fact, that was the entire point of my post. But, it appears that I’m wasting my breath. I suggested that you adapt, that you find what tactics are the most fun/work best for you… and you came back with excuses. So, it appears to me that you’d rather complain and not play, than try to adapt to changes and grow as a player.

Well whit, I’m not going to twist your arm. Fewer wolves means more sheep for me.


Man lol… I have adapted. That’s the entire point of this post actually. I’ve adapted for 10 years and finally stopped because adapting meant no longer playing this game with friends.

You fail to realize that “I’ve been mission baiting for almost a decade” means that I’m not counting on losing, and very rarely do. My buddy would be sitting there with a thumb up his ass a majority of the time. Not very engaging. This is an alts job, not a friends job.

Suicide gankers aren’t going to wait around for a suspect to get shot when they can just shoot the guy anyways. It makes no sense.

There literally isn’t a support role for suspects that makes sense anymore.

Furthermore CCP wonders why they can’t retain new pilots. New players interested in ship combat will likely start with missions. Those of them interested in PvP will see very quickly that they either need to RMT or find a more lucrative profession.

Back when I could have allies, mission baiting would end up being that profession as I would bait the fool, he would shoot me, he would blow up but think it was awesome, and I would recruit him.
Now I just blow him up and move on because I have no reason to recruit anyone. I cannot have allies only competition.

You can’t have a PvP oriented game and then give PvPers very few, extremely convoluted, heavily skillpoint reliant professions with huge up front costs. AND THEN incentivize all the older players that do it to burn every bridge. But that’s what we have, and that’s why we have a hard time retaining new players.

PvE in Eve isn’t actually engaging enough to keep your average person entertained believe it or not.

The other option is to make highsec so unprofitable that everybody goes to lowsec for their PVE.

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Nah honestly that just removes more content. Plus isn’t low-sec still just a bunch of cloaky t3cs sitting on plexes? Furthermore, I’ve seen cynos lit for much less than a battleship.

I feel like the overkill in low-sec is just too great for there to ever really be any hope of this being a thing.

Sigh . . . I still cannot believe cap ships and cynos are allowed in lowsec. Perhaps it truly is hopeless.

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we allow everything in low sec
very inclusive people we are

Warp bubbles are not allowed - yet BS supercap titans and motherships are.

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thats because they are for kids
and we are adult serious people


It’s not hopeless. We need CCP to finally acknowledge that being a High Sec Suspect is actually a profession and as such needs to be considered during development. Instead of being left with the worst side effects of already bad changes.

I know in CCPs mind the High Sec Suspect is a very small part of the game that they probably have to answer quite a bit of reports about. But for a long time there was a large population of people who considered it to be the MOST IMMERSIVE part of the game and certainly the one that carried the “sandbox MMO” torch for the longest.

Hell I still have friends carrying it but it’s nowhere near as bright.

WE USED TO: Be in small gangs with new-bros on stand by for logi/scanning/even baiting when they got good enough (once they trained for our ships we’d just let them use them for a cut of their kills… like how much more newbro friendly can you be) sometimes splitting payouts 6 or 7 different ways… Furthermore everyone’s setups would be unique in some way, with some crazy cap stable logi, or an insanely blingy kill ship to swap too. and in general just being able to have a good time, with your bros, and making money while you do it was awesome.

NOW WE: Are all flying around doing the same thing in different systems so that we don’t interfere with the other ones baiting. Everyone is flying the same fit of the same FOTM ship (the nergal) with NOBODY having any uniqueness to their setup. The only thing we can really do is link KMs to each other.

But the worst part is actually that nobody is recruiting and most of the suspects have moved on to a massive war dec corp, or .CODE (mUcH bEtTeR cOnTeNt amirite?), or quit.

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I remember the good old days, living in lowsec, bickering with neighboring corps - we even ran missions and mined all the time, but it was exciting. Fighting with other locals, making up, fighting some more. Nobody could win because they were fleets of mostly cruisers. Now, the local “owners” just cyno drop in cap ships to end any discussion. Plus, nowadays people seem very averse to losing ships, which is some kind of disease that has always been present in Eve.

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mothership has to go else they don’t allow teenager daughters ships to go
:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


on a serious note

me and my friend took amamake for the glorious amarr empire

besides FW there is not sov holding in low , capital ships are useless , they are just content …

like that kid that have a ps5…
no one cares …
:frowning: :cry: :sob: