CCP. Bring back suspect for 4-5 abyss dungeons please

Dear CCP,
Let’s just say it - right now we cannot prevent these bots farming them 24\7. Pls, bring back suspect for high lvl abysses - it will make it way more challenging, profitable and bots will be limited to lvl 3 and it does make sense.
Anyways, EVE is great and thx for making it.

I still think suspect is messy. Especially for group abyss.

3 frigates cannot properly defend eachother whilst suspect in hi-sec as the attackers will surely engage only one of them at a time.

Better idea is to change abyss filaments such that higher levels can only be used in lower sec space.


I think this idea would work far better than an automatic suspect flag, plus it makes more sense. Suspect flags are typically generated when you aggress another player, not run PvE content.

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Agreed, top level rewards should require leaving high sec.


I seriously doubt there are high tier abyss bots. Too many options requiring too much manual piloting.

Very tanky gilas doing lvl4-5 gammas. Its a thing, you can check on your own in jita or perimeter. Even if you suicide kill them, they still warp in capsules on their spots for abysses and just doing nothing cuz script doesnt work.

UPD: True about suspect being not that usable, i do like the idea of not activating 4-5 abysses in high sec better.

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