Ok CCP. Abyss for Battleships. When?

I’ll give you one more chance to return me back in game.
But with one condition :point_up:

You must answer when we get abyss for battleships than i can grab my dusty Golem and finally make some ISK.
If you call the date - i promise i’ll buy an omega.

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Ftfy, go back to WoW kid, last thing this game needs is more ■■■■■■■ instanced PvE


Make it so that battleship filaments can only be activated within 1K km around the Jita 4-4 trade hub then it becomes a good source of content. :wink:

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Wait for the abyssal proving grounds for Battleship and make some isk there.:wink:

How you suppose i should make ISK there if proving grounds limited up to T2 modules?

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And you go suspect and are unable to dock or warp for 10 minutes.

Don’t over-exaggerate… five minute suspect is more than enough. :smirk:

I guess you’re not supposed to.

You promise?

Marauder Abyss might be boring I’m afraid. But I would like to see what CCP would come up with.

If they did this…they’d ban Marauders.

They learned from an AT long ago its not a good thing when at the end of the match only each sides marauder where the only ones left.

MInutes into the 2 man fight they had to bump up tidi to fast mode. then really fast mode. then really really really really fast mode.

Forgot how the the matched ended. One of the marauders finally burned out modules from cooking, or ran out of cap charges. Then it died, finally.

AT’s in the years after this…marauders were on the ban list that I recall.

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This means marauders are good for pvp. It’s just no one has the balls to use it because it’s too expensive.

Time will tell with the indy changes maybe. Big reason why this char is still bearing in empire. Even if I found a SRP home I need to make the 8 billion, plus 8 billion more so 16 billion.

8 billion for the usual need of SRP to buy your first carrier and dread to be in the program. And the ye old don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose commandment of eve. So the carrier and dread needs that extra 8 billion to not be broke waiting for the SRP check to come in the mail as it were.

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