Thx CCp for the abyss

it is great expansion. I love it, and probably many people love it too. Just one hint - imho skill to fly this new ships should not be tradable. Player should be pushed to farm it if he want to fly it. Isk is to much of god in this game realy, like your api.
CCP think please about turn off most futures of the api, it is ■■■■ what destroy this game in the first place. this Game dont need it - empires need it, and we DONT want more empires, more pandemic, more goons more fraternity ■■■■! we want more anachry as in old days. Empires have to much power over people because of this full-api like echelon or something.

good you turn it off in wh… but it should be beginning.
no eve monitor online - only hardcore and death.
good day to you Sirs o7 - may eve burn again.


So I will be sitting on 20+ skill books I am not able to sell / contract whatever?

The API has got some nice features for all of us. Compared to the previous APIs has it also become more protective of player information. Maybe if you could say, which features of the API in particular you dislike or find dangerous then you should say so.

Without the API would we however not have killboards, market browsers, fitting tools, and a lot of other external tools.

Bind on pickup items do not belong to EVE. It’s a sandbox game with a free market.


With the abyss expansion we’ve got enchanting, now you want souldbound items too?! :stuck_out_tongue:


dont you feel tired by this there is no real achievements in this game. You have isk you are god - end of story. There is nothing to archive and have fun. Just imagine how much fun can give you flying something you earned alone, and there is no other way to have it but to farm it by yourself. That sort of items should be powerful, i am relay bored to see hundreds of people and everybody have all on 5 and everybody are the same. That way i said you could be powerful as a person not as whole herd firing to single broadcasted target.

Api… api is ok whey only you use it for your own game, but is not when someone else use it (aliances).
this guys know all about you if you are in big ally, and you do not have a choice if you want to be in ally. you must give them full api, to your assets, mails, position in space ect. it is cancer. CCP should protect private information in game and mails for example can be private, and many players even dont know what full api is.

and tbh - ccp should boost spyes and easier their job. eve should be about war and chaos not monitoring everyone and every system and every market in game by powerfull API. this is ■■■■.


There are plenty of achievements: My first billion bounty. My first billion+ worth (single) loot I’ve stolen. The first time killing Dagan (and doing it solo which makes it even more valuable). First time succeeding in huffing gas in wh space (and safely moving back to empire space). First year anniversary of playing. First year anniversary of creating my own player corp. First hundred giveaways delivered. Just to name a few, some old, some new, in random order. You just have to find things to do and enjoy.

Even simply shooting fireworks at people (miners or otherwise) is a fun thing to do and you don’t need anything fancy for that. Just one random thing among many possibilities. Another is just chatting with others can be just as fun.

You don’t need arbitrary “achievements” (nor related soulbound items) to have fun or to have good memories of your past times. If I have the chance (and don’t forget to nor not too lazy to do so) I take a screenshot and add it to my Steam screenshot library.

And as a Steam user I know all about Achievements and collectibe stuff that you can showcase on your public profile, and yes Achievements are meaningless. Just have fun and remember the good times (and even the bad, over time even the “bad” is just a funny memory), take some screenshots or write a blog or whatever if you want something more permanent, but soulbound items do not belong to EVE… though until recently the same was to be said abount enchanting so who knows, you might get what you ask for eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:


Speak for yourself. YOU don’t want more… me, I’m perfectly happy with them.

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Plenty of achievements in this game. You just need to figure them out yourself.


Just to name a few:

  • Chribba
  • Mittani
  • James 315 or something like that

Thing I hate about the API is how hard it makes it to hide my past :wink:

Turn that into a strength… new pilot, clean history.

Lol … just having a lot of ISK you have achieved nothing in this game. Take the ISK and manage to burn down Delve, and people will worship you.

If you have enough ISKs to PLEX your accounts and are still able to continue to play the game the way you want, then that’s not nothing.

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You know I said in game.

Isn’t this the same? PLEX is an in-game item. To PLEX your game means you gave your ISKs to someone who had more need for it and your choice, to buy their PLEX, means you’ve supported them.

So when you can support others and still play the game the way you want, then I don’t see this as nothing. Why would this be nothing? Because it happens in the background without big explosions?

Always funny to see, how you try to spin the arguments in you favor. :wink:

Which achievements do you value?

Something satisfying, exceptional from your personal point of view, a milestone, small, big, whatever you feel is an achievement. I think it’s also something singular, you can write on a list and put a checkmark on it once completed.

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You dont have to share your API data with anyone, if you dont want to (exception being killboards and corp history).

As to skill books, they are part of the Abyss reward system.
If you had to grind Abyss pockets to be able to fly trig ships, it would be like grinding standings for a faction. EVE does not need more grind…

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