Thx CCp for the abyss

paper wars… sure they will worship one another small circlet because its pump their wallets making this war.
every leadership in big empires says they want war, but this is type of war nobody can true win, big ones want to sell products to some hotshots and make even more money on never ending conflict.
and how empire conflict ends? server die. It was like that, it is now… and it will be in the future.
so what empires do? they kill weaklings, thirsty people need to feel real blood sometimes.
i just don’t treasure that sort of game play that much as you.

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Thx CCP for PEARL Abyss :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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CCP went into the PEARL Abyss. Will they also explode after 20m (onths)???

Oh ■■■■… i hit a jack spot…
ccp… what you have done! people please insert your credit card and remember to not remove it, this is how bdo pearl abys works :face_with_raised_eyebrow: . Never saw as greedy company as pearl abys

Not even EA? :stuck_out_tongue:

pearl abys dont give a ■■■■ about any player base - they do what must be done to maxymalize they money from the game. I talk about bdo now. They can make changes and 3/4 players will stop play eve, but this 1/4 and new players give them more money then ccp ever earn. It is how they works.

i wrote it as a active bdo player… please just read bdo forum :wink: and see how hardcore hate is there.


It is now clear that this whole expansion was a great test for the new RNG methods of improving the ship’s modules. The future will show whether it will remain free of charge, or have to buy with real money.

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