Devblog: War, War Sometimes Changes

I mean ultimately ccp wants every one to be in nullsec, if you look at the changes, wver since they got headlines back in 2012/13 for the big fight that cost all that rl money, every change they ve done since is to funnel people into these big engagements over structures, even tho structure mechanics were never fun (because setting my alarm for 2 am to complete a vidya gayme objective is fantastic) simply because ccp is chasing headlines. They should be fired

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"The increased penalty for neutral targeted assistance will also apply to limited engagements (such as those caused by duels) but for performance reasons we won’t be preventing command bursts from applying to pilots in limited engagements.

Neither of these changes impact assisting your corpmates or alliancemates in a war (since you’re in the same war as them), and neither of these changes apply to lowsec (the penalty for targeted neutral assistance in lowsec will continue to be a suspect flag just like today)." I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that LE timers also include ones obtained from being engaged when suspect and in that case it only clarifies that we can assist from that same corp during a war, not outside of a war.

that sounds about right yeah, so if you want to be certain you can always rep someone your going to have to be in the same corp or alliance

omg, no - making comparisons occurred to me just today with respect to this topic. Are the EVE forums on their way back? (Very off topic, any further discussion belongs in some other thread :wink: )

I’ve read the thread, nothing said in it contradicts my post. The logic here is

3 conditions to meet

if you meet all 3 conditions and try to rep someone you will get concorded
if you do not meet all 3 conditions you will not get concorded

most freighter pilots are not at war, if they are they have bigger issues than suicide ganking. thus they do not meet condition 1 and people repping them will not get concorded.

If there’s a specific post from lebowski I missed, please link it.

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So weird eh, its almost as if there’s currently a team working on the war declaration system, strange…

Regarding the many questions about neutral logi lets just clarify:

After April, if a neutral character applies a remote assistance module (such as a remote repairer) to another character they will receive a criminal flag if their target meets ALL of the following conditions:

  1. is involved in a war (normal wars or factional warfare)
  2. does not share a corp/alliance (or FW side if the war in question is the FW war) with the assistor
  3. is engaged in PVP (has a capsuleer logoff timer)

Yeah, make a structure defined as the War HQ behave like a wormhole Citadel. Reduced reinforcement windows and no asset safety.

Realistically, at the end of the day, mercs will just move our logi blob into alliance, and it makes no difference, once the logi was on grid and suspect, it could be engaged anyways, what these carebears are really upset about is mercs using a lot of logi, and that will be their next complaint once this shitty change is implemented


is it really impossible for you to bait or ransom without neutral logi? If so you might want to get better at baiting and ransoming


I think if i want to see one thing added to wars it would be this: Every high sec system should have an activity tracker that lists the corp that’s mining the most, or collecting the most bounties, etc–the top 5 should be searchable somehow, AND, the top 2 should be able to–if they choose, declare war on eachother. You would HAVE to be one of the top 2 corps for a system to declare war on each other.

There needs to be a way to kind of ‘push’ competitors for high sec mining corps. Those guys get really territorial about their systems and belts, and need a way to push competition.

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Yea because fighting every capsuleer in highsec solo is objectively viable, because when you suspect bait, its never a 1v1, its always a gang jumping you, lets reverse your idiotic logic and say “if you need a gang to fight suspects maybe you should get better at fighting suspects” or is thinking your arguments beyond mouth breathing everything youve ever been told to hate hard

Been and done it, ill leave myself unsubbed along with the others that left.

Was sticking around to find out what the changes were going to be and its obvious that the anti-war CSM got their say in things and anyone actually involved in the mechanics got shafted.

So if we merge with TEST, we can war dec everyone for cheap with the Keepstar HQ in peri?

Creating a corp called, TEST Collective - Do not ignore.


Maybe it’s because certain people have abused the bugs so shamelessly that CCP finally had to step in?

But I agree that the bug with dissolving the alliance should be also fixed, if that it still happening.

I didn’t know that the logi being in your corp or alliance made them not work, thats really strange. Sucks dude :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know that dreddit is recruiting?

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Why is that? Why were wardecs suddenly a priority when Goon pets started contesting hisec markets? Also even if it is happenstance it still doesn’t explain why the neutral logi changes benefit single-corp/alliance blobs over diverse fleets. Wardec campers/gankers will find another way to disguise their numbers.

That keepstar is looking like a better and better investment for TEST. I hope that other highsec wardeccing corps launch keepstars of their own!

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You know we’ve been working on wardecs since before any of that started right?


Why do i doubt this

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