Don’t make my mistake

I had a suspect tag which could be activated, with only 3 days left on its timer. Over the month that it could be activated, a few pilots tried and failed to destroy my ship. For the most part, though, people ignored me. I became complacent.

After losing a cruiser to a Guardians Gala room, I flew to my typical market hub, and about 350 million ISK later, I was ready to get back to it. Or at least, I thought.

One jump out of the trade hub I was tackled by a Cynabal and Damavik. I was without a fleet, outgunned, and outmatched. All needlessly so. My complacency led to the loss of a shiny new ship before it had a chance to do anything of use, other than serve as some LOLs for two pilots.

Don’t make my mistake.


It lasts for a month and the kill right can be activated by anybody for a price.


The killright only ends if you’re actually killed, not just because it got activated. That or after the mentioned 30 days.

That first sentence also shows, for the attentive reader, that you can use/abuse/“exploit”/make isk with this :slight_smile:

Does the isk for activating the kill-right go to the void or to the original kill-right owner?

The ISK paid to activate the killright goes to the owner of the killright.

per above. So you aggro an alt of yours that gives him a killright, he then makes it public at a nice cost and then you parade around in an expensive and seemingly easy killed ship hoping for folks to bite. The trick is not actually getting killed.

Rinse repeat.

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Well then, the original owner of the rillright must’ve made at least a few million as it was activated 3-4 times.

Could you have got a mate to kill activate the kill right and blap you in a corvette? I thought that was a thing…

Suicide ganking is still the way to go to get at someone you want dead. Honestly, this mechanic should be backwards. The owner of the kill right gives an amount of isk to pay to the killer who activates it and is successful in a kill. Can be activated by anyone at the same time.

Make it where they set an amount of isk to go into “void holding”, and send it to players as a concord payment. So if I were to post a kill right for 500 million, and there were 10 people on the kill mail, the 500 million in the “void holding” gets split between all 10 people evenly. 50 million for each pilot. Neat, clean, and unexploitable.

Money can also be supplied by corp wallets. If the kill right expires, the isk in “void holdings” gets returned to the player. Concord charges you like 500k isk fee as a method to take isk out of the economy.

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See “old bounty system”. In this case griefers would simply aggravate targets as much as possible, get a big kill bonus placed on themself, then kill theirself with an alt to collect.

When recommending things, don’t think “here’s a neat and easy solution, do it!”. That’s CCP thinking. Think “I’m a maladjusted griefer looking to exploit everything for as much personal gain and player salt as I can get. I’ll twist any mechanic, use any number of alts, create entire corps based on exploiting this notion.” That’s EVE player thinking… at least for a subset of the players. But you can be certain quite a few people will treat any new idea exactly like that.


Alts are a problem and the fact CCP thinks they’re okay is part of the reason why I think this game is dying.


I hope that was some form of sarcasm…

Just because people have more accounts doesn’t mean there’s more actual individuals playing.


Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean the game is dying.

I tend to not like things that kills games I enjoy.

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Don’t waste your time, that’s a forum alt created explicitly for trolling.

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No, ZS’s point about the game dying because of an old mechanic is a bit, odd…

Speaking of odd, notice that I’m on topic and you are the one off-topic and trolling…LOL…

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Then as alts aren’t going anywhere, does that mean you are leaving?

ps. EVE would be dead if alts were removed…that is a fact.


My reply was to @Zirconium_Solkaze, not you.

Also you seriously need to improve on reading comprehension, his statement was about alts:

To which I replied:

Then as alts aren’t going anywhere, does that mean you are leaving?

You were saying something about reading comprehension…?