Player Bounties & Killrights temporarily disabled

Intrepid Capsuleers,

With today’s release (13 October) we will be temporarily disabling both the player bounty and kill rights features on Tranquility. We are taking this action as part of an ongoing initiative at CCP into the exploration of server and client performance during large fleet fights. When these features are disabled for an extended amount of time, we will be able to take a different look at how both the server and client performs.

In regards to the performance load from these features, the primary load that comes from the player bounties is not the awarding of the bounties themselves but rather the client-side requests to know the bounty values placed on various characters. This is something that players may see during large fleet fights through “Outstanding calls”. This server-side load however does not manifest on the same process that is running the fleet fight, and in fact it is a process running on an entirely different machine and so does not directly contribute to the load on the process running the solar system simulation. Nevertheless we wish to do further analysis of server performance with these features disabled for the short term future.

Please note that this is a temporary action while we experiment and learn. We are currently aiming to have both features disabled for approximately one month until the next release in November, however we may choose to extend this duration if we require further analysis.

We have chosen this course of action based on yours and CSM’s feedback, and we will update this forum post when we have chosen a date to re-enable these two features.

Thank you.


Does this affect NPC Bounties?

No, you will still receive bounty payouts from NPC kills as usual. The feature that is being temporarily disabled is the player-to-player bounties feature which only involves playable characters, corporations, and alliances.

Will I have any player bounty I have set on other capsuleers reimbursed?

We have chosen not to reimburse the money currently in the player bounty system at this time as this is a temporary measure and as such we are aiming to have this feature re-enabled in the near future.

Why are both features being disabled together?

The features are partially interconnected, with one way including when clients are requesting information from the server. Because of this we’ve chosen to disable both features together.

What happens to killrights while the feature is disabled?

You will be unable to earn killrights or activate/share them during this period when the feature is disabled. Killrights that were earned before today may or may not expire depending on when we re-enable these systems.

Can I have my money back from previously activating a killright?

No. This course of action of a temporary disabling of these features does not represent any outstanding issues with the features that would consider any reimbursement action.


Thank Bob. Please make this a permanent feature; maybe once tidi hits a certain threshold it kicks in for 24 hours. I don’t know how you are going to do it, it is certain that it must be done. So many times I had dozens of calls for killrights/bounties while I’m waiting for modules to activate I was ready to rip my implants out.

Thanks Dopamine, this is Bob’s work.


Only been playing for 1-2 years or so, but even to my understanding you guys saying “temporal removal of XY” means “forever”.
To be honest I would not miss the Bounties as much.

Greetings from the Bookmark ESI API endpoints.

PS: In general I really do appreatiate you sharing technical details with the community.

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Hopefully this will help the TIDI in large fleet flights overall, even if the difference is minor, makes logging in less of a pain or say, helps to push TIDI from 10 to 15% for example.

What I am curious of is ganking. With no killrights being earned any longer, will this cause ganks to skyrocket, since in a way there is no punishment beyond a ship loss.


Thanks goes to our development team and engineers internally who made it happen :slight_smile:


Another hit to highsec PvP :frowning: … and another playstyle removed.


Why couldn’t you make the 100% drop rate thing last a month. I vote that instead of this.

The sky is not falling Chicken Little.
It will probably mean that if the server becomes more stable and client side has more responsiveness during 6000 player battles, crimewatch will be temporarily turned off. Probably for just the reinforced node.

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At least I‘m now able to gank and kill pods without longer consequences except cost. :slight_smile:

So everybody start ganking :stuck_out_tongue:


See? Look for the silver lining


If that does happen, I am sure we can think of an allternate actionto give some justice - again this is temporary - so no need to go full panic yet…

This is indeed what we asked for, and hoped for.
Hopefully nothing odd happens, like boot.ini getting deleted, and we can all still dock in our POS.

Yikes, lost HS players thinking this actually affects PvP



Good. Make it a permanent feature all around. The bounty system doesn’t work the way it should. Meaning: it doesn’t make people hunt for bounties. Currently it only adds complexity in a bad way to the game. New players just have to learn one more confusing thing. If you come up with a better way to implement bounties, you also better code the stuff new than use old code, which is probably badly maintained.

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Does it mean you cannot perform acts that would give you a killright or basically free ganking for everybody? That would be easily the worst change in years.


This. I’m wondering about my stockpile of transporter tags …

Who the f… cares about highsec “pvp”. Non-Existent. Highsec should just be starter zone, nothing else. Only riskaverse pubbies and Mining-Bots in HS. None of both is contributing to the sandbox.

So get rid of it then.

I assume you can, given that “pubbies” comment, from back when it was edgy.

If it ever was.

Lol losers.

It’s only free when the free corvette button in stations says “board my gank catalyst” - I think that’s in the next patch along with the 100% drop rate from industrials.

Between now and then suicide gankers will be hit as hard by the mining changes as everyone else as the cost of catalysts and tornadoes will go up - we’re all in this together.