Killright mails need to be changed

Please make it so that I get a mail in-game when a killright is made available for me or my corp.

And please stop sending mails to the killright target when a killright is made available, and especially stop mentioning to whom it is made available. It’s already easy enough to avoid killrights.

Perhaps you should fly in such a manner as to not generate killrights? :thinking:

Because outside the brief period of time where I was ganking, and the even more brief period of time following where I tried anti-ganking, I’ve never had to deal with that moronic system.

OP is not complaining about killrights.

OP is receiving killrights and sharing killrights he owns, not talking about ones against him.

When a killright is shared the target receives notification, but the hunter it was shared with does not.

This means the target is made aware who might be targeting them which makes avoidance easier. Though this can be mitigated with a bit of cooperation which requires time and effort on part of both the killright owner and the hunter, namely: the hunter locates the target, warps to it, and only just before locking and scramming the target gets the killright assigned so can activate it right before the lock lands. This of course needs both the hunter and KR owner to be on at the same time and actively cooperate.

Also the hunters don’t receive a notification about the killright. This might be able to be mititaged by sending an EVEmail to those who have a killright shared with them, however not really possible if a KR is shared with an entire corp and especially not if with an entire alliance.

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You are aware you also get killrights when attacked without getting your ship destroyed?
I am constantly getting killrights of tornado gankers failing to kill my properly tanked hauler when I’m on my hauler alt.

I make the killrights available to my corp or my main char. But the targets get informed to whom the killright has been available, so they just dock up whenever my main or someone from my corp shows up in the system.

Indeed, not impossible, but highly impractical like you explained.
And I’m not sure but there might also be a (small) delay between the killright becoming available and actually being able to press the crosshair button? The stuff is buggy sometimes.

Not sure I never personally did the get killright assigned right before the pew pew, just know how the system works. But it is possible there is such a delay, but not sure. You can test it on an alt or with a friend I guess to make sure.

For the record what I have personal experience with is activating a public killright (earned from my alt, details here if interested: ★ Headhunters' public killright office ☠️) just before the pew pew (the lock and scram about to land) to eliminate the chance of the target escaping before I can tackle it.

I’m aware of that thread. Nice initiative!

Sadly enough the inherent problem with public killrights is that if the price is high nobody will care to take the target out (unless they are reckless and fly an expensive ship), and if it’s low the target will use an alt or a friend to void the killright.

If it’s your corpmates or main who use it anyway then you can reimburse the difference so in the end they buy it for a reasonable price. That is what I do as well when I use my own killrights (my alt’s), the next time I sign in I just return the ISK back to my main. There is no fee involved so you get the full ISK on your killright owner so you can return the full amount or a reduced amount as you desire or agreed upon with the hunter.

Although not sure if there are multiple killrights available probably the cheapest is shown first or what happens if two killrights are set for the same price which one is activated that case.


How high are we talking about here? 50 million?

Just make them available to the public for $10 million.

Without the dollar sign and true @Uriel_the_Flame if you made your bounties/killmails 10 million isk each I am sure that would be enough to turn many pilots into bounty hunters!


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If the killrights are only 10 million then the targets would simply void the killright with an alt or a friend, while flying a corvette. So they only lose 10M + cheap ship, instead of potentially an more expensive ship (like for example a Tornado ~100M).