Kill rights should be bound to kill mail

I have proposal to improve kill right system. Current system gives you one kill right / one high/low sec ganker capsuleer in kill mail. This is bad because in EVE you can create 3 toons / 1 account and you can have countless accounts.

I propose different system for this. Kill rights should be bound to kill mail. If there are 15 ganker capsuleers in kill mail then there are 15 kill rights in kill mail pool. This means that 15 kill rights need to be used before kill mail ganker capsuleers become free from this kill right pool. If there is one active ganker capsuleer in kill mail and 14 mostly inactive ganker capsuleers then these 15 kill rights could be used for this one active ganker capsuleer.

Creating connection between kill mail and kill rights also gives kill rights users chance to see what gave those kill rights.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

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