Kill Rights on Criminals - New Reward System for Hunting Them Down

Having a Kill Right on criminal is a great thing because it always keeps them looking to who might take em out.

But what about the -10 RID “Red Is Dead” criminal who is always -10 and has numerous kill rights on them for what ever reason? Shouldn’t there be a reward system in place for killing a -10 RID?

I think so.

The -10 RID is usually a ganker who engages in killing high value targets making them high value targets themselves. They chose the lifestyle that they engage in whenever knows that no one forced them become gankers.

Those who constantly gank and retain a -10 RID status should have special a reward offered when the kill right is completed, such as an item of value over 10 million ISK but nothing more than 20 million ISK in total value that would be a redeemable item that only the Capsuleer getting the kill would know about.

The mechanic would activate when the Capsuleer earns the kill right. The kill right could then be sold to the public or activated by the Capsuleer who earned the kill right.

Kill Rights with the special reward would appear with a bronze, silver or gold star based on the security status of the criminal involved in the illegal attack that earned the Capsule the special reward.

-1.00 to - 5.00 Bronze Star reward
-5.01 to - 9.00 Silver Star reward
-9.01 to -10.00 Gold Star reward

Those with a negative security status below a -1.00 would not be able to receive any rewards due to their security status. If the -1.00 criminal is given the Kill Right of a -10.00 RID criminal all they would receive is a Kill Mail.

This type of mechanic is meant to get Capsuleers involved in hunting down criminals with negative security status in High Sec by creating content.

A special corporation set up by CCP would allow those Capsuleers wanting to take on the challenge to do so. Only Capsuleer’s who have maintained a 1.00 security status for at least one year without being involved in any successful suicide ganks for at least a year would be allowed to join the corporation.

only ones created by other players that’s what eve is about

also who the hell calls them RiD all my years in eve i have never head them referred to as this


The term you were looking for is an outlaw, not RID.


Is it? A criminal less than -5 is always permanently free-to-shoot. They are always looking over their shoulder and a valid target for everyone. Kill rights are actually useless against them for this reason.

As for the rest of it, I am not sure I get your idea. You are suggesting when a -10 shoots you and you earn a kill right against them, there should be some extra award for the person who scores a kill using that kill right but you have to join a special corporation to claim it? What is preventing the criminal from getting a “good guy” alt into the corporation and collecting all the ‘rewards’ from his -10 alts and that of his friends?

So I gank someone in a cheap.fully insured ship. Then their alt kills me and gets an item from thin air by using the killright?
Infinite isk



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The problem with all of you is that you only read what you want to think is being posted.

The system involves those whose committed an illegal gank on another Capsuleer giving the Capsuleer that was ganked or attacked illegally the Kill Right.

The same mechanic that applies to character cycling would prevent the Bad Guy from becoming a Good Guy and exploiting the mechanics.

I’m certain that CCP could create a set of server instructions that would tie in a players IP address with the accounts that they have to then create a door that would restrict negative security status players from creating alts to basically do what CODE does when 20 of them un dock in Stealth Bombers so that one of their members can then shoot them down.

Players can already generate kill rights on their alts/friends, to the same result.

They cant, or rather, it wouldnt do what you think it would,
Dynamic IPs, shared IPs, proxy IPs, VPN and IP tunnelling etc all make it impossible to ascertain which account is associated with which person, via IP.

IP addresses are not “hardset” in the way you think they are, nor are they associated with the account.

For CCP, the accounts exist as an individual account identified by its unique login/password data. They can investigate what IPs that account accesses EVE through/from, but its not conclusive, because IPs are not constant for that client/player.

For example, If I travel a lot, I might play EVE on my account from Finland today on my home IP, and Singapore tomorrow on a hotel IP network on a vacation there.

See what I mean?

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What exactly prevent my high sec status character from shooting my low sec status alt for borderline free prizes? Like is there a ship value threshold before ti pays out or anything else similar?

Most retarded idea I’ve seen you come up with yet. All I have to do is kill my -10 ganker alt with one of my other toons over and over and over and over. Infinite ISK machine. And no, CCP won’t “track your IP address” and accounts to circumvent this. They can’t even keep bots and multi-input broadcasters over VPN from playing as it is…

lets pretend they do track the ip

i’ll just have my friend kill my -10 and i’ll kill his -10

Exactly. Looks like the OP is 0 for 20 so far this week…

The reward for killing someone below -5.0 is the loot they drop. What more do you want, FFS?

CCP could create an API tag that is assigned to your account that is then assigned to your IP address. when you log in.

So how many Alpha and Omega Miners is CODE expecting to pull to their scam Moon Mining operation on the 30th of this month in Niarja? Or is CODE holding off on ganking the event hoping to draw a lot miners to the event to then mass gank them?

Ok it is time for you to tell us who hurt you, we want to see the killmail :slight_smile:

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It’s actually multiple killmails

Is that what your man uses to keep the inflammation down?

“Multiple entries from the armor repper report…just use the Nano paste…its more gentle on the armor.”

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