Rethink the bounty system or make another system

Hey i know the bounty system dosent work that well.

Eve need an anti criminal system to balance the player driven criminal system.

Insted of the old system maby make it possible
To buy time to kill a target anywhere even in High sec.

Lets say a player does something criminal to another player and the global flag starts counts.

The other player who is the victim can now place a time bounty on the criminal, in that time window, lets say an hour cost 5mill or something else.

The criminal can now be killed by anyone anywhere in that hour.

To make it fair. If you buy more than 1 day off kill time or something like that.
Other players can now add time to the target to.

The payout is 80 percent of ship,fittings,implant global marked value, that you kill the target is in.
If the criminal surcide he only get insurence.

If you whant to earn more you can wait for the target to undock in something more expensive

My only problem is Where the money comes from for the payout.

Maby a global bounty pot / pool every one can donate to. Or then you pay for the time you pay to the pool to like 10 percent off the time bounty

So I insure my ship. undock. and kill myself with my alt. getting like 150% total payout of the value of my ship. Sounds great.
Where does this isk come from also.

Thx i have eddit the topic

You missed the key part. alts aren’t suicide. Someone is killing me. It’s just someone who will give me the money. That’s why the bounty payout is where it is. So you cant make isk by getting bounties and killing yourself with an alt.

If you mate kills you he will recive 80 percent or something lower in payout. Then its a loose.

The percent could another percent thats fit better

Except you also get the insurance payout. It’s 80% of value to your alt, plus 100% of value from insurance, minus the insurance cost. Undock in unfitted ship with full insurance, alt kills you, pocket the money.

This is the common failure of bounty hunting threads: not bothering to think through how people will exploit the proposed system with alts.

Maby make it so while you have the time bounty on you. The insurence company see you as a bad custem to them and you insurence payout drops to lets say 50 percent of the normal payout.


The current system is not perfect but this seems like a lateral move at best.

We already have that system - it’s called Kill Rights.

If someone does something criminal towards you, in lowsec or highsec you get a Kill Right which you can use, sell, assign or give away to the public for free to allow someone to attack the criminal without repercussions.

As usual, Alts are why we can’t have nice things.


So you think you had a great idea about how to “improve” the current mechanics that nobody thought of before, but you don’t really understand those mechanics well, don’t know why the bounty system was changed to how it currently is, don’t even seem to know what kill rights are…

Yet you think your (and everybody else’s) time is better spent suggesting those “improvements” than learning how things really work and why they are the way they are… Why am I not surprised?

Make it so when you kill a T3C you get isk from the bounty = to skill points lost on top of the normal bounty.

This is it when it comes to bounty, as long as bounties are just a alt giveaway there is no point doing anything with the system.

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