Bounty System Idea

What if the bounty system for Eve is based on a random Bounty Contract that could be based on amount of the bounty you want to collect. You would have a bounty contract window that you would be able to see the amount on the bounties but not the name of the player. The contract would give you a certain amount of time to kill the target, and if you kill the target you get the reward but if the target isn’t killed in the time specified the contract will reset and be able to be grabbed by again by another player.

Not possible… if you set a bounty for one of my chars then i will accept the bounty offer by myself and kill myself in a very cheap ship ! And if you want to hide tze names before you accept the bounty offer then im sure nobody will do this because lot of ppl want to know who they need to kill !

there is no way to implement a bounty system that can’t be abused by the person the bounty is placed on.


The bounty system was removed for a reason. I used to place 100 million ISK bounties on new players just for asking utterly autistic questions in Rookie Help. 200 million for those who admitted to skipping the tutorial.

Randomly assigned bounties are an interesting idea.

Randomised assignments would minimise a big issue of bounties, which is that bounty hunters and targets can (and probably will) cooperate if the bounty payout + insurance money happens to exceed the value of the ship of the bounty target. Why stalk someone for hours with the risk of losing your ship if you can contact someone, split the payout and be done within 5 minutes?

Random matches between hunter and target would make such cooperation harder, but not impossible.

A big downside of such a system is that people are not online 24/7. And if they are, they may not undock on that character.

An assigned bounty target who isn’t out in space when the hunter is online is worthless. So unless you can have many randomly assigned targets in the hopes of having one online to shoot, this system won’t be fun.

And with that many target - hunter matches it again becomes easy for people to cooperate to easily share the bounty money.

Who is placing the bounties? Players?

Do I get killrights if I accept the contract?

If the answer to both is yes, I am coming back to the game to abuse the system :).

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This is a very good idea. am thinking a system created would issue the bounty base on evidence or reason provide for the bounty like an A.I court system…

Any bounty system they implement would be abused and exploited, no matter what form it takes. That’s why it was removed in the first place. It’s not coming back…

Any bounty you place on any of my alts will instantly be collected by another of my alts.
If, for some reason, this is not allowed, it will instantly be collected by a corp mate.

There is no further debate on this topic as long as the above statements are true.