Bounty angents

This would be a new type of agent where you would have 3 choices of 3 players there would be a bounty on that player. The player then could sell or use a kill mail from that player to get that isk. There would be a natural isk that happens when you kill a player outside of duels or outside of event torments. Though a player could also set a bounty on that player which would be set to have to be more than 300,000 isk. When a player accepts a bounty there given a data core or something that would tell you what system they are in but not tell you where in that system. and then what happens there is up to the player. this could be a good way to have new p

I saw something to this affect already in local chat. I forget the user names (not that I would rat on them) but a player offered a bounty for 5 million ISK to the first player who could “gank” the pirate in the Mara system. They want video link as proof of gankerage. There was also a deadline. I don’t know how that went, but I guess it works without need of a new system?

Personally I would suggest you make a player made chat room called bounties or bounty store. Then you could assassinate each other all you want.

might work on that then

Don’t worry, player bounties have only been temporarily disabled for 2 years.


The bounty system was turned off during the papi goons war when too many kills were happenning on big targets with too many people in the kill reports and there were performance issues in the servers, so it was turned off and never turned on again

that’s what happens when you process player bounties on real time instead of downtime

the hell of my computter

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