Player Bounty and NPC bounty hunters

What if you would be again able to place bounties on players but instead anyone could collect them, there will be NPC bounty hunters harassing them (with a strength and frequency depending on the ship they are actually flying and the amount of bounty on their heads). The same way as now Concord comes, but without the infinite damage of course
First it would be a nuisance, but if your bounty would keep growing, it would become a threat.
If you don’t get a sizable bounty for a time, it could “shrink away”, or maybe lessen with every try, or every bounty is for a limited time, after that they are given back to the player who initiated it.

This would be utilized next to an option to actually select someone or some corp/alliance to avenge you.

As with any bounty system, it would just be used to grief players. If that was implemented, I would place 100 million ISK bounties on new players just for asking ridiculously stupid questions, or those who admit to skipping the tutorial. Also on every afk miner I see…

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What if you would be only be able to put bounty on them if they did any sus like stealing your loot or you got a killmail/podkill from them? Or in any way they got a timer (yellow or red) because doing something to you. With a time limit after doing that thing.

That system already exists. That’s what killrights are for…

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And if it would be maximalized in an amount depending on the offence and security (half in low-sec, 0 in nullsec). Sure, killright is there for killing, that is true.
Anyway, I’m not pro player bounties, but I’ve seen some posts here around that topic, and I just had this idea.

We really do not need NPCs to harass players. That is a task for players and they do a good job. The game needs more interaction between players, not NPCs taking away interaction from players.

All you need to do is limit bounties to people who are either pirates or have committed an illegal action against you (gone criminal, suspect against you and your property (wrecks, ships, structures etc.)) so that you can issue an actionable killright against these people. Hunters can hunt, no one can abuse the system to grief without cos, and the attacked player decides if they want to setup a bounty.

That kind of bounty system should go into the EVE Echoes suggestion forum.

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