Enable NPCs place bounties

I think it’d be interesting if NPCs were able to place bounties on players. The same way we get bounty payouts from NPCs, it would be interesting if a small portion of that payout was added to our bounty by the NPC faction for each kill, eventually making it so that mission runners eventually have these big bounties on them that put them at risk of being hunted down.

I posted that in local and a few people said that’d be an interesting idea so I decided to come here and post it as well. Hoping that it is worth looking into.

Always a big red flag for a poorly thought out and bad idea.

Smart players will just use an Alt to collect the bounty. You solve the problem by 1) clearing out the bounty, and 2) making good money off this free extra chunk of change from the NPCs.

More read flags for “bad idea”.

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So you come here to bash my idea because I used the word interesting? Great. Good on you.

From what I understand, the bounty pays only what the ship is worth that is destroyed. So how would you clear your own bounty if yo have to lose more than the bounty’s value? If my ship is valued at 60 mill ISK by the game’s standards but actually costs 90 mill ISK at Jita prices and my bounty is 100 million. I believe that the person who kills my ship, gets paid 60 million ISK.

Which means, you can’t collect your own bounty because you lose your own ISK in the process.

How big are the bounties you’re talking about?

If they’re under like 500m ISK, then most people won’t care.
If they’re above 500m ISK, then I’ll probably get some cheap unfit Battleship, insure it, and make some money between me and my alts.

Then don’t buy it in Jita, or buy an alternative ship hull in the same class that currently isn’t having it’s price overly inflated.

No, this means that at best, I’m making extra money. At worst, I’ll probably break even and clear out the bounty.

In the absolute worst case, I won’t care because Bounty Hunters, as you seem to believe in, don’t exist in the game.

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It is an interesting idea to make (suicide)ganking more profitable, BUT (a big one) while more destruction is good i am not sold on the idea of adding more isk faucets.

Bounty hunters could exist, if bounties were made more useful. But whatever. There’s obviously going to be no convincing you, as you said, you only came here to ridicule the idea because I used the word Interesting.

Seems to be no button to direct reply to certain people and quote everyone in one message…
Ms Steak, essentially at most it adds a tool that encourages people to blow up mission ships to claim the bounty on them. If players aren’t paying attention to their own bounty and bounty hunters become a thing, well then they till have a problem.

No, they really wouldn’t. Anyone who is engaging in enough criminal activities to acquire bounties will be smart enough to just collect the bounties with their alts. It would do nothing more than add an easy way for them to make extra ISK.

You’re conveniently refusing to address the point of:

“Smart players will just use an Alt to collect the bounty. You solve the problem by 1) clearing out the bounty, and 2) making good money off this free extra chunk of change from the NPCs.”

I was merely saying that most ideas that contain the phase “It would be interesting if” or variations of it are usually poorly thought out. And I provided you with a scenario that you have not considered when thinking about your idea.

Instead of plugging your ears and trying to pretend it doesn’t exist, why not address that issue?

And you are conveniently ignoring the fact that you break even, a most. You clear your bounty by losing your ship of the same value as the bounty or more. Which I said, and you ignored.

Cool, so you agree with me here.
Either 1) it gives these players a bunch of ISK, or 2) it does nothing.

I don’t believe the balance favors the implementation of your idea.

The bounty hunting system needs be fixed first before something like this could even be considered. There are many threads trying to address the system, but in regards to this topic, bounty hunting in theory is supposed to be sanctioned by law enforcement, and I don’t see CONCORD signing off on bountying by npc pirate factions.

What you are probably asking for is contract killing, which should be a totally separate mechanic from bounty hunting. And even then, I’m not convinced that npc’s should be putting contract hits on players. Anything to do with bounties and hits should be player to player, IMHO. Besides, spend any time on minerbumping site, and you’d see that gankers don’t need extra motivation on killing mission runners, many of them bling out their ships enough to draw plenty of attention to themselves.

Yea, I guess thats right. Though, if we say that Concord places bounties and enforces them, we might as well stop letting players place bounties and switch the bounty system around so that concord can place bounties for bad actions and contracts it out to NPC bounty hunters which follow and go after players with high bounties. That way no players get paid, and gankers get the highest bounties on them and are followed around the universe till they are destroyed. Would change the mechanic of ganking so that gankers are no longer safe, even after concord does its initial kill.

As for blinging out ships, I don’t do that myself, if it survives it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, I guess this idea was bad, people in game thought it would be interesting and liked it, when I mentioned it in the mission running system, but here on the forums everyone seems to like bashing every idea I have even the ones that change literally nothing about game balance and are just aesthetic.

So I’ll just rack up a ton of Concord bounties, head over to my little pocket in Lowsec, and farm NPC bounty hunters all day long using an Alt that’s gunning a structure, salvage their wrecks for junk and get rich even fast. Great.

Assuming you can kill the bounty hunters. Or that their ships drop salvage.

Ships can be rigged to detonate leaving no trace, a wreckless ship. Bounty hunters could do such to make sure they can’t be “farmed”. Can use concord technologies even. Do you even think about things, or do you just come here to ■■■■ on people’s ideas?

So now you have just introduced a mechanic with

  1. unkillable NPCs that, 2) will ALWAYS win a fight and kill you using “concord technologies”, and 3) don’t provide any benefit for participating in.

So because someone wanted to roleplay a pirate now and then, they’ve developed a Concord bounty that sends unkillable god ships after them constantly, no matter where they are in space. That sure sounds like fun.

Oh wait.


I’m raising concerns about areas whether the idea can be abused. How about you actually try and flesh out your idea first to make sure it can’t be easily abused. Because if I can come up with these scenarios of abuse in the 30 seconds it takes me to read the post, I guarantee you, people who WILL abuse them can as well.

Yeah… we need rating to become an even bigger source of isk coming into eve. Or did you mean that the payouts would actually be less as today money was for some reason added to the players bounty?

Either way ccp should never implement such forced systems like this. Player interaction in the sandbox needs to be organic you should not be able to blatantly see the under lying mechanics that push players into conflict in such a clunky and lazy way.

That missions incentivise expensive ships and expensive ships attract opportunistic players is a great way this same goal was accomplished much better.

Anything to do with bounties is gonna get picked apart here. There has been countless threads and ideas for many years, but it shows more to do with how surprisingly complex a working bounty system would be, than a forum with bad attitude. Even CCP hasn’t been able to get it right.

Try blinging sometime then, it may just be the thrill you are looking for in regards to motivating people to hunt you. :upside_down_face:

Oh I just feel that a lot of my posts used to get ■■■■ on back when I used to use the forums like, half a decade ago or more. But no need to discuss that here. I’m a skeptical person, if someone posts legitimate arguments, great. But the first poster here ridiculed my idea based on a word I used twice. That put me on the defensive.

And no thanks, I keep my fits simple, I know people have ship scanners, I prefer to not be a target. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This isn’t possible for current bounty mechanics. Unless you are able to get the battleship for far under mineral cost. In which case, why not just sell it and make more isk?

For the same reason, people with billions on their head cannot profit off their own bounty.


Whilst it would be interesting, i don’t know how useful it’s going to be with current bounty mechanics. I’ve said it before, but there will never be a meaningful bounty system with immortality and alts. Add to that the ways of hunting such players; ganking, wardecs and can flipping, are pretty heavily nerfed.

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