Bounties are useless

The mechanic of Bounties make them not worth even worring about. The current way Bounties are setup make it confusing on what you will actually get if you kill them.
Ways to make this a more useful tool:

  1. Make it so that when you kill someone with a bounty you actually get the whole bounty minus the CCP taxes.

  2. Make a NPC bounty hunting corp that only responds to attack you depending on how high your bounty is.

  3. Introduce bounty tiers, T1 NPC response time very low,T5 NPC response time within 2 mins.

  4. Intoduce a bounty timer, so that someone can’t just keep putting Bounties on people.

  5. Introduce bounty skill, taking 10% off your time between placing bounties per level. Example: you can only post a bounty once every 72 hours, if you place more than one bounty in 72 hours an equal bounty is put on you.

This is a game mechanic that would make game play a lot more interesting, right now not that many people care about Bounties. This would also eliminate people just putting Bounties on each other for the fun of it. As of right now Bounties are just a laughing stock.


The system shot work like this if there is a -0.1 all up to -1.0 player in the system you shot able to shoot kill him and pod him him without any problems and without any concord stepping in killing you not to mention bounty targets ore negative players shot not able to dock in high sec and of course if you kill a bounty targets you get bounty

In other words someone can just put a bounty on my head and then NPC start hunting me?

and then the person who gets the bounty put on him kills himself with an alt and steals the entire bounty.

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No more alts. Problem solved.

Don’t need ALTS. Gankers shoot each other while waiting for CONCORD to show up in order to collect the bounties. It’s a broken system - surprised they don’t remove it altogether

Put a 1.5bil bounty on a miner and ruin their highsec activities completely. I don’t like the idea of getting NPC’s involved in bounties

bounties are bad. This proposal is worse. The only changes that need to happen to bounties is for the game to downplay them. No overlay on your portrait, no alerts, nothing. It’s a dumb mechanic, and having it even remotely noticeable just makes the game look stupid. The problem with bounties is that there is no good solution. If it’s worthwhile to be a bounty hunter, it’s worthwhile to use an alt. If it’s not worthwhile to use an alt, it’s not worth pursuing. Catch-22 and all that, there is no way for bounties to not suck.


Yep, this is how it used to work under the old system where you got the entire bounty paid out on pod destruction. If your bounty was ever worth more than the cost of your clone + implants you podded yourself (or had a friend pod you, if you didn’t have an alt account) and collected the bounty as profit. Only a handful of people ever flew around with meaningful bounties, and most of them probably put the bounties on themselves just to look impressive.

One of the problems of many with the current bounty system is that is has become a badge of honor for many vs any perceived or intended effect.

Another issue is that in many cases, with the target simply running around in a dumb clone with no implants only gets you a small portion of the bounty thereby rendering the whole bounty aspect a joke.

“We have a bounty on so and so that you can only get at a unknown time and in an unknown place and regardless of how much is listed you will only get an unknown amount.” Most of us would laugh at that point and tell the issuer to blow a goat and walk away.

The Bounty system isn’t broken. Its shattered.

No more alts. Problem solved.

This problem and so many others.

But EVE is far too entrenched in the idea of alts(not to mention they constitute a lot of CCP revenue) to remove them now.

Maybe in EVE 2.0 they won’t make that mistake again…

It is impossible to remove alts.

If you are saying that it’s impossible to stop 100% of players from using alts, then that is true. Just like it’s impossible to stop 100% of thieves from lockpicking your door. A small number, say, 1% will always be good enough or determined enough to get in. And yet, you lock it every time to stop that remaining 99%.

The actual number would be way more than 1%. In fact, I doubt there would be much of a drop in the alt population at all.

Also, in the context of the bounty system removing alts does next to nothing. Killing yourself with an alt will simply be replaced by killing yourself with a friend, so the only people who will ever have a bounty are the pure solo players who don’t have a single trusted friend to cash in their bounty.

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