Bounty System - Revamp

Incredibly watered down TL:DR of my idea.

  1. Must be in concord Bounty Hunter Corp, not unlike faction warfare except you actually have to join a NPC Concord Bounty Hunting Corporation to collect bounties on individuals or to hunt them down.

2)Players with existing bounties, or new bounties will have the “Activate Bounty” Icon similarly to Kill Rights. Once a players Bounty has been activated they will receive a warning notifying the individual that they will be engagable in 60 seconds.

3)Player becomes “Hunted” not criminal or suspect, but a new color that flashes in local, players are allowed to rep, “Hunted” players and not become hunted themselves.

4)Player will remain “Hunted” for 1 hour.

5)Players can only have 1 “Hunted” Activation per month.

6)Bounty payout is equal to the estimated value of the ship lost 100%. If Total bounty is less than the value of the estimated ship cost, then the total bounty is awarded.

7)Activating a Bounty will cost 100m.

8)Players with less than 1b isk in total bounties are not eligible to be “Hunted”

Goal here is to have bounties mean something, but not be in a position to be abused. You want a player killed, a group of you can put a few hundred million each on a player and the Hunter will always be wanting to kill them in the best possible ship, which is good for you because it causes the most damage to the player.

Activating a Bounty for 100m and killing them in a mining barge, or a Vexor will simply yield negative profit, and by having a 1b minimum it would force players to have to put up 1b on lets say freighter pilots before they could attempt to kill them, and it costs 100m to activate with 1 minutes notice, and it can only be done once a month.

So what will happen is that people will stalk targets, expensive ones. Scan people coming in and out of systems, using the agent locators more often, looking for the highest value ship the person with the bounty is flying, and attempt to take it down. So getting a bounty especially that over 1b means you need to start watching your back to possible assaults, and it’s no longer a minor issue to ignore.

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Oh, I think this will ki the bounty system completely.

  1. A NPC Corp requirement will kill group work. May a whole corp can join like on FW?

  2. Why 60s delay? In this time everything can escape.

  3. Again this will prevent the hunt. Especially the big targets will have fun to stay in space with tons of reps.
    Smaller targets will have a much weaker position, but killing them won’t be worth.

  4. Ok.

  5. Why only one? Also it’s a safe button. Let a friend activate bounty and dock. Wait one hour and be safe for one month.

  6. Value of ship as payout will make it worth to let a friend kill me.

  7. 100m when only some small and stupid targets can be catched?

  8. Why?

Scan freighter with 5 bil in cargo. Place bounty and bump. Activate bounty. Ransom pilot. Kill freighter. Get bounty back less 100 mil to activate. Scoop loot. Profit


In other words: I just need to pay 1B ISK to kill someone?

Considering that CFC are very active freighter killers and generate trillions in ISK every month, paying 1.1B ISK to kill something is no big obstacle.

Also: Wrong forum and…

Totally in favour of it, don’t see a problem at all. Should be implemented right away

+1 from me


The main solution to this is : get rid of this crap that is just used to annoy newbies…

“Welcome to eve bounty”?

Boy this is so silly…

But it their ship is worth 1+bill you get the 1bil bounty back


Nice Pulp Fiction!

This is entertainment!

How about if the bounty isnt collected in one year, you get to keep the bounty.

When you have a great new idea to fix bounties, the most important thing to remember is IT WONT WORK.


Might as well make it cost of ammo+1isk taken out of bounty for all the difference it would make.

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