Bounty System I think we can all agree needs fixed I have an idea

 Why not make contracts to get the players body delivered to you.  Setup up a bounty contract system, similar to the contract system already in place.  you could even set up the contracts so only your corp. can take the contract or list the corporations that can take the contract.  and maybe even setup a who cannot take the contract.  so the player that you are placing the bounty on cant get his corp to take the contract.  I just feel that this would make a great addition to the game.  maybe you could even add a bounty hunting skill that does something ive not thought past that lol.  seriously though im interested in what you all think about it or if this has been a suggestion before it is an old game.

Why would you put your terrible idea in code tags? It won’t get better anyway. Killrights for ISK are a horrible thing. Have ever been, will ever be.

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That is definitely an opinion, not very constructive, but I guess it is an opinion. Is it because you like to go out and gank players with no repercussions? I would be interested as to why. Who knows I may agree with you. Just dropping an in-cognitive trolling remark with no explanation is counter intuitive. If you don’t like something, like an idea, or if you have the capability of thought. You should explain why its a bad idea. Then I could reassess my Idea from a different perspective. just slamming your fist down like a neanderthal and saying Terrible, Kill Rights Ugly me no like. just shows lack of social skills and intelligence. Seriously let me know why its bad, and why you no like bad idea.

No, it is because I like to not get ganked without any repercussions for the attacker. What you want is that someone can just pay a bit of ISK to get a killright on any character for no mechanic-legal reason whatsoever.

If you consider this remark trolling or as a sign of lack of intelligence or neanderthal like behavior, I pity you. Use the search feature before you post something. There are hundreds of Bounty Rework topics and most of them have “Pay ISK to get killrights” as part of their amazing rework suggestion. I wish you would have used your probably amazing intellect to actually do something productive and used the search feature before you littered the forum with yet another rehash of the exact same thing.

Here, so that it’s easier for you to find:

I didn’t propose for any kill right to be sold, although I didn’t say the opposite either. I would have to agree that the bounty contracts should not be sold, and only posted to go and kill the person and bring back the body to the one that made the contract. The contract could be for anyone to grab, or for a selected few, for example corps members only. That would be determined in the settings of the contract. This would make it more like a race; first to bring the corps body back gets the ISK posted in the contract, it might even make the bounty hunters fight among each other. You pick up the contract for free, in hopes that you can get the kill, and get the body back first. I would like to add, that once you post the contract you give up your kill right. So the only way to post the bounty is to give up, or pay with your Kill Right to post the contract. There is no reason to be such an angry little feller. You could be more polite. I’m sorry your so angry in life I hope your life gets better. There is no need to waste your time for pitying me as I’m very happy in life. That reply was a little more constructive thank you.

That’s not a “bounty system”…that’s a “hit” system…


Ok, call it what you want. Opinions, or even added suggestions are good. Maybe replace the “bounty” name with “hit” instead. In my opinion it would make for better more interesting game play. I feel it would be better than this broken bounty system that we have now. Do you like the system that they have? I personally do not care for the bounty system in this game. The system in place now has felt broken since the start of the game and changed to be a fraction better than it was before, but still seems it is not very good.

This is is mine and IMO, has yet to be beat…

As i was reading this the first part was good. Then as I kept reading it, and read that target had no name i was seriously in doubt. Then i got to this: Anti-Farming Mechanics. that part was just awesome. I think that the only thing I would add, is the body of the target must be turned in, and the victim should receive the body. Even if that was not part of this idea its awesome thank you for sharing that.

Glad you liked it.

You body suggestion is interesting but goes a bit against the lore as bodies are nothing more than bio-matter…ie the body is irrelevant other than as a trophy. It does however really add a ‘cowboy’-esk feel to it.

Let me mull that one over for a few days…

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Ya after a bit of time mulling it over, I can’t see any real added value for having to return the body somewhere. Also as mentioned, it a little pointless lore-wise as we’re all just clones anyways.

Same old thing, all that will happen in newer, more naïve players, will put bounties out and the alts of the target will collect.


Agreed… a new bounty (hunter) system can’t player initiated…

I wonder if there is anyway to get players to sign a petition on your Idea it seems really good. I don’t really possess the knowledge as to where or how to start something like that. but if you did i would sign it.

You should really read Runa Yamaguchi’s suggestion that he posted in here all the way through its actually really good.

Well glad you like it…sadly, CCP doesn’t seem to read these forums so ya, it would have to be some sort of campaign or something…

I was fixing to go on about why not just use the value of what the insurance would pay out for the ship hull, instead of a fitted ship, but my smartness kicked in, and realized the ccp ships, are worth ■■■■ for insurance, since you need 1 tritanium to make them.

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