Bounty Rework

Changes to the bounty system

  • Removed the ability for players to put bounties on other players
  • Players will now hire a corporation, and pay them isk to kill the target player or corporation. This will help prevent (but not fully stop) work around player isk bounty collections and return the system to a more intended role.


  • Payouts will require ship deaths to exceed the value of the payout
  • Payouts are not split, rather all members are given the full amount of they are part of the kill.
  • Payout values will have preset values. Any isk that is not consumed in the period will be returned to the hiree. payouts will work on same timing intervals as ratting.
  • Bounties will have a default period of 30 days


  • 100,000,000 for 100,000 isk per a kill per a player involved. 25,000,0 Hiring free
  • 250,000,000 for 250,000 isk per a kill per player involved. 50,000,0 Hiring free
  • 500,000,000 for 500,000 isk per a kill per player involved. 75,000,0 Hiring free
  • 1,000,000,000 for 1,000,000 isk per kill per player involved. 150,000,0 Hiring free

But… why?

Current bounty system already does exactly this: you give opportunity for ALL eve players to benefit from killing your target’s ship or multiple ships. Payout depends on value destroyed.

Your rendition of it will make it clunky and unusable/useless at all, probably even abusable: bring 250 catalysts to blap one ship and every cata will receive a payout leaving contract owner without ISK. It is also unfair: one player destoying that 1 bil ship will only get 1 mil?


The only change we need, and is possibly going to happen cause it’s taxing on the server is the removal of bounty system.

I tell you why:

  1. Have an corp with 10000 charracters (horde/karma) and few out of corp alt.
  2. Hire the corp to hunt your neutral alts.
  3. Fleet up and Print as much isk as you have time, it should give you prety hillarious turnover, once you get over the 1000 player mark, after which aditional players on the killmails scale the profits up. This would create massive isk printing fleets, that would outshine anything thats currently in the game.
  4. Buy all titans, win eve.
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Killrights for ISK? Are you out of your mind? Wait … It’s you. You are out of your mind.

Besides, what you suggested is called either a war or ganking. Hire PIRAT/MRMT/RIOT/whatever to kill a corp. Or pay a group of Talos people some ISK to gank another person repeatedly.


There is no isk printing, you are misunderstanding. The player pays his isk to a hired corporation, to kill a target.

The target cannot there for use alts to collect the isk with out getting hired to kill himself. It will be much harder to abuse in this respect.

It costs money to open the contract, so actually this is a sink, and is consuming active isk on a player to spread it to multiple players, increasing economic fluidity.

no one said anything about kill rights.

News into you, you can bounty corps as we speak, just fyi.

I’ll try to be more clear. The part where you typed " * Payouts are not split, rather all members are given the full amount of they are part of the kill." that enables the isk printing. Thus the cost of seting up this kinda bounty must have a point when it gives more money out than goes in if enough players end up on the kilmail. The exact point when this hapens depends on what you ment on your OP. In the max bounty bracet it could be interpited, that the value of the ship killed has to be over 1 mil or 1 bil. If its one mil, you could start the printing proces with just a handfull of alts, if its a bil you would need that 1000+ or 1150+ (counting the hiring fee). After that its just a matter of seting up as many bountie contracts agains a single out of corp alt as you can, after that you will be swiming in isk

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Then your suggestion is pointless at best and dangerously negligent at worst.

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No it does not,
taking 100k from 100m, or taking 100k 5 times from a 100m results in the same 100m being transfered from the hiring party to hired.

What happens if the amount of pilots on the killmail is so great that their payout would have to be greater than the original bounty payment? Will isk be generated out of nothing to fullfill their payments, or will they split the original payment of 100mil?

This is an excellent question. I guess by default there would be no isk payout. It makes the most sense.

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