Just a quick reminder , please send me or my corp killrights for high sec gankers with high security status and don’t forget a short mail to say who the character is as they only show in space and we need to know who we are hunting.

Remember the email is the important part of this we need a name


…and don’t forget to ask for a decent amount of isk for your killrights :slight_smile:

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This is a very good idea, it really helps in dealing with Tornado gankers in particular which is why you get people telling others to charge lots of ISK for their kill rights, because it is very effective in stopping them.

A killright not used is a killright wasted and you let them get away away with your kill if you charge decent ISK. Giving it to an effective AG like Githany Red is the way to do it.

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because this is the way people can lower their losses or even make up for it. Especially for new players to recover from their first losses is not that easy.

Generally AG are not well funded, so anyone charging silly amounts of ISK will waste their kill rights. It is also best to give them to very active and skilled AG such as Githany Red and Knowledgeminer.

I strongly advise anyone with kill rights and wanting to get back at those that ganked them to look at the people who are active AG in the TZ and area where the gank happened, then make the KR available to them and their corp, you will not regret it.


10-15M have a decent chance of getting paid (usually by the gankers themselves). Tornado gankers don’t like sitting at the gate with such a KR enabled.


Still even that amount may impact the number of AG that will activate it, it depends if the player wants revenge or to claw back some loss.

Sadly, killrights are still disabled. or are they not?

They are not, their display is delayed.

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In-game message sent.

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why are we going to pay a decent amount to kill a ganker
happy to wait untill we get free ones , it’s not like we get money for killing them and with us hunting them it makes it a bit harder for them to gank people , which is the point .


well if a new player loses a cheap ship and gives me a killright i can hunt i’ll give them a new ship

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If only there was some kind of way that evil griefer ganker scumbags could get around this amazing kill right system that punishes them for their evil deeds and makes them regret ever turning to a life of crime and degeneracy. If only…

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BTW don’t you feel the need to post a picture? :yum:

Everybody wants killrights…

But nobody wants killwrongs!

:sob: :sob: :sob:


…or killlefts



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I guessed so, many people would help a newbie with an unexpected loss. But that’s exactly the reason we have that mechanic ingame in form of killright fees. I am with @Tipa_Riot here, 10-15m won’t hurt much but mean a lot for the person ganked. And that what I meant with ‘decent amount’, maybe I should have given a number instead.

I really like the AG community as this is proof even in a sandbox with not too many rules there are people who like to be good instead of bad


Yes your right but to many try and make money . One guy had three kr and wanted 50 mill each after losing a T1 ship , we are all free to do as we please here but at that lvl that’s no better than any jita scam . One was even - 6 so no point in any kr

It’s always nice to catch a scammer

You’re trying to protect HS rich pve’rs and yet you’re still not well funded. You really need to do massive advertisements ingame.

This will not work, we talk about highsec and highsec players. They have no sense of socializing nor appreciate necessary PvP / protection from.

I’ve outlined the way multiple times, how to suppress ganking on a meta level while making profit. Systematically deny the loot, by stealing or killing the hauler. This will not prevent the single gank, but makes gankers dock up or move on to other activities.