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Hi All, just a quick one, so I’ve noticed when someone aggresses you in high sec you get a killright notification now, which is awesome.

however if for example someone askes me for a kill right and i make it available to them, it seems to me that no notification is given, this can be very benifical to recieve a notification that someone has given you, your corp or your alliance a specific kill right (and how much it will cost)

just a thought, i’m not sure how difficult it would be to implement that but would be a great benefit to killrights in the game.

recently I asked someone for a killright and they said they had transfered it to me, it came up no where on my character sheet, assuming the kill right had of course been transfered and I wasn’t simply lied too there was no way to verify its allocation to me.

just thought it would be a little thing which would go a long way in the game.

Not sure about the notification but if I’m not mistaken you can check killrights available to you on your character sheet / interactions tab / killrights section (I assume third-party killrights also should show here).

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I thought that also, however nothing was displayed. so i’m not sure if transfered kill rights will actually show like that, I guess it needs to be tested to know for sure.

I am making the assumption that the kill right was initially transfered, but didn’t display in that section of my character sheet, which is why I thought a notification would be good as it acts a ping of confirmation

-edit- due to the fact kill rights when made available to everyone do not naturally appear in your character sheet, I am working on the natural assumption that transfered kill rights do display that way (am in the process of testing it now will post when i have results)


Okay so a quick update on my findings about kill rights.
first of all i had two pilots help me with this.
one shot the other and the victim gave me access the kill rights too me.

  • the kill right availability WAS NOT displayed on my character sheet.

  • the kill right DID NOT become displayed via the overview on the target untill AFTER the criminal timer was finished.

to try to prompt the kill right being displayed before the timer, we had warped off, jump system, docked, and even had the aggressor log out and log back in quickly all of which had no

so i think its safe to assume that the inital criminal timer has to be finished first before they become visible.

so other than the cross hair on the top right corner, i had no form of indication the victim of the attack had actually made the kill right available to me.

considering we get information regarding contracts via notification and kill rights earnt via notification, I think it would be a good idea to have some kind of notification showing that
“Player X has made a kill right available to you”

this would confirm to a player that the transfer has actually taken place, because without it, you have to trust the person has given you access to that kill right, then find the target on grid, then click on them just to check if the kill right is there.

if it is not then you have to disengage any kind of revenge hunt you have going on and re-contact the victim.

having a notification would make life for people who use them a lot easier.

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Yes makes sense that you are unable to activate thus have access to the killright activation icon as when a capsuleer has a criminal flag (blinking red) or a suspect flag (blinking yellow) you can already legally shoot them.

And yes if no notification is generated if you are online when you get a killright made available to you then it would be useful to change that behavior so at least a temporary notification pops up (similar to the cluster shut down countdowns which only pop up and visible in the notification history until you sign off but not visible afterwards) though imo best would be a permanent one so you see it even if you are not online at the moment.

yeah, just by poking around on zkillboard and if you know what to look for you can easily find victim pilots who have kill rights on them, due to time zone or real life restrictions it would be pretty awesome if I could just mail someone and go “hey i’ll take care of that guy if you give me the killright for 0 isk”

then when i log in my notifications show me “hey so-and-so has shared their a kill right with you” <3


oooh a place for kill rights, thats pretty cool, however if my suggestion is implemented it would improve the QOL for all eve players using it and allow formation of kill right hunting high sec pvp groups. which by the looks of the above post is an active demographic of player base, this improvement will provide some much needed TLC for this smaller demographic and could possible help strengthen and grow it within the player base.

Uriel considering the post you shared is yours wouldn’t you find it easier if notification’s were a thing, imagine being able to pull that notification and ping it into discord for a corporation.

in my mind this is a no brainer, however i’m not the guy who gets to make that decision, finding kill rights without using the page above is already pretty tough, I spend hours doing it to maybe get one or two without knowing if they’ve actually be transfered.

Wasn’t implying your suggested feature is not worth implementing, on the contrary already expressed support in my previous post, simply thought I share my related thread as an alternative solution until CCP implements a better (and hopefully in-game) way of sharing public killrights.

oh I totally picked up on that, i didn’t mean to come across in any negative way, naturally given your post on the alternative i was simply trying to express the convenience of it for all involved

well lets hope this idea takes off! I have a feeling i’m onto something with this.

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