Why do kill rights expire?

Why do kill rights expire?

Simple enough. I got ganked in hi-sec and got a couple of kill-rights.

“Cool!!” I thought. I can get back at them without Concord interference.

So I wait and I wait and I wait…not once throughout the entire month did the perps log in and my kill-right expired. I even camped out their last known location.

So I’m thinking “how does that make any sense?” If you commit a crime all you have to do is just wait it out without repercussion?

It takes away from the whole “Im a piwate ARGH!! :pirate_flag: vibe when your record gets scrubbed clean every 30 days. A badge of honor among pirates would be the extensive kill rights against them. Makes for good bragging rights.


Kill rights should remain in place until fulfilled by the victim or by someone who bought the kill right (nice replacement for bounty hunting IMO). Actions should equal consequences, no? Or is that just for the law-abiding in EVE?

Imagine the real world, you rob a store but you aren’t caught by the police for 30 days so you are free and clear. Makes no sense.

Fly safe Eggers o7 (get laid soon :egg: )



Did you, you know, use a locator agent to, you know, track them?

Of course. How do you think I found their last known location?
But your reply doesnt address my original question.

You mean this?

How would I know? Sounds like a CCP thing.

Though, I do like the idea of KR not expiring. Make it more fun to bait people into shooting at you in high sec (through various means) then disappear for a month just to show up, activate their KR when they have forgotten about you. Take out the orca.

Oh, and they could be like trophies. At one point I had over 20 KR on my head at one time (though no one ever tried to activate them. Mucho sadness).

That’s why I have doubt that you actively sought out your aggressor. In my 4 years of piracy, I have never had anyone ever chase me down to extract revenge.

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because in about 98% of all cases it doesnt matter if you activate a killright or not.

to expensive or just a ganking char and nobody cares if a ganking char has a KR !

Why do kill rights exist?

Why not ?
If you can’t locate and terminate the bad person within 30 days it won’t happen anyway unless by sheer, dumb luck ? You have 30 days in-game to exact your sense of justice or sell the rights to an agent of your choice. That’s also an extra 30 days that the criminal has to pay extra attention. Not harsh enough ? It rarely is, these days.

I have found that when people extract justice upon me, it usually involves them docking up and yelling obscenities at me.


Are you really that scary?

I don’t think I am.

I’m quite the agreeable chap. Which is why it’s so confusing when they dock up after I’ve blown them up.

Sounds like you’re starting to believe your own press. Is this your main? Let me know when your KB reflects >10k kills…

You seem upset.

Are you mad that we figured out that you’re really Razorback and now you’re trying to pick a fight to save face and make us look like the badguys.

Bro, so what. It’s the forums. Get over it.

Project much? Why would I care who you think I am? Sounds like you NEED to be right.


Thanks for sharing that.


In this sandbox called EVE is you have the cojones to gank someone in “civilized” hi-sec and the sheriff don’t get you, then I have the right to exact revenge.

Low and null are the wild west where anything goes IMO.

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I’d fully support never-expiring killrights. Simple reasons:

  • pirates can collect them like trophies. who’s the real gangster? yes, the guy with 321 killrights worth 43b ISK on his head, still ganking like there is no tomorrow!

  • people can get late revenge. Nothing is more satisfying than to boooom-blast someone out of the blue after making him believe for 3 years 2 months 15days 8 hours 23 minutes and 12 seconds that you might have forgotten about him. But you haven’t. You were just patient. Waiting. Watching. For the mistake that will come. Some day. And then he will pay for blowing up your Venture when you were young and weak. So nice.

  • it is simply more immersive. I love Immersion in games. Bad guys doing bad things, the consequences shouldn’t simply expire. If they really want to get rid of them, they can always buy the killrights off with an alt. If they are for sale. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see no real drawback, in my book, non-expiring killrights would make EVE a better, darker, harsher game.


but how do you know, which killright you activate ? the first one ? the last one ? a random one ?

i would like to see some of this were you can collect some killrights and they never expire unless they were used sucessfully ! but it need to be 100% sure, that its not abusable and he can just create an own KR with his alt and get safe because its HIS killright he can activate and its worth 250b

and HS dudes can go into low sec for pewpew and if they only have yellow then they dont get a killright …

your idea sounds reasonable

Just make it so that the cheapest one gets used if you activate one. So of course someone could give himself 250b killright with some alt to brag, but others would probably see that a guy having only 1 killright but with that high amount is just an abuser and they would make fun of him instead of being impressed.

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to easy to abuse … he kills (not sure if only the agression would be enough )100x his alts and crate a KR for just 1 ISK and he´s safe that only his KR got activated

What kind of “abuse” shall that be? He could be made suspect for 1 ISK a 100 times then, losing a 100 ships most likely.

(besides that, a real victim of him can use his own killright any time, no matter how many others the guy might have, because his own KR is always ‘free’ for the person owning it)