Kill rights , sorting

Why can we not sort kill rights by , cost or time remaining. got so many 100s but all on one list with no sorting. wish I could sort them and see what I have to deal with. cant imagine that’s its a big thing to do just someone needs to do it :slight_smile: . (I could be wrong .often am).
if we can do this already someone tell me how


Stop ganking people and they will be easier to manage in time xD . Just kidding +1

Or you could stop making scam kill rights with your alts and that would likely clear the majority

I can assure you none of mine are scams they are all organically harvested from the livestock. and thus fully legit, but that doesn’t affect my appeal to have killrights sortable.


Wait, aren’t you -10 anyways? Why would matter to know?

its just one of those little quality of life things, the time left of kr and the cost should be in different colums and these be sortable like the other tables in eve


I just can’t see how it matters, if someone can pick a fight with you, all that would concern me is how long till the last one expires.
Guess I just never pissed off people that would do more than gripe in chat.

P.S. don’t believe that none of them aren’t ones you made with alts to insurance scam. Some might be legit, but you’ve chosen to play this game as professional scum, that sort of scam would be in your wheelhouse.

that’s how it concerns me

kill more people :slight_smile:

im -10 what kind of kr scam am I running , think about it for a while. no scam, no insurance, just annoyed that the killright table is not sortable

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I choose to play as an Agent of the Code which by definition means that I am one of the good guys, a professional good guy of course but hardly “scum” perhaps you need to have more time in the presence of Agents .


Baited on a free jet can… That’s literally this post

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It’s funny. I don’t consider ganking to be a scummy activity in the slightest. I think of it like tackling people. In football, it’s a part of the game being played, and to be expected. It only becomes inappropriate when you yell, “FIRE UP DAT DIESEL,” and tackle your elderly grandma because she’s beating you at bones. In other words, ganking (and “non-consensual” PvP) is a part of Eve, and to be expected.

Who I do consider to be actual scum is those that would betray their friends/corpmates -and I include not just corp thieves and blue fuckers in here, but also spies. Now, I understand full well the value of intel, and how much of an advantage that spies bring to the table, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s psychopathic to pretend to be someone’s friend for the specific purpose of betraying them. I mean, this isn’t war; it’s a video game. And it is f*cked up to betray real life friendships and communities for imaginary spaceships.

You have obviously no idea who Aaaarrgg is. I’ll give you a hint: don’t travel in a pod in high sec.


You have just asked people to put a bounty on you.


A rather interesting specimen that I had only paid 10 Million for such corpse.

You were scammed out of 10 mil.

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Which is about as effective as posting it on the side of I-95

It will sit there, and no one will care.

We both know it always has been and continues to be a joke.

I agree, but people will do more now than only gripe in chat. Pissing people off works in mysterious ways on these here forums.

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One mans rubbish is another mans treasure.

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Psychopathic? That is harsh and not applicable. Sociopathic, perhaps…but you must realize that Eve IS a game. people play a game to do fantasy things in pixel spaceships. Taking loss in a game, however annoying it may be, as a personal attack is something YOU allow to happen. No one can control your actions but you. Don’t get angry. Learn how to play the game (both figuratively and literally). Enjoy the adversity and challenge. That is why you play games…right?

Yeah, was I not clear? The game isn’t real. The spaceships, the space, the isk -it’s all 1’s and 0’s on a server in Iceland. The friendships and communities, however, are real. People are betraying real life friendships and communities for a game. That is sociopathic. Their actions do have consequences. They do cost people friendships, and they do destroy communities.

For example, I once thought I had become friends with a helpful JF pilot when I was a director in a struggling rental corp. We were suffering from low activity and leadership burnout, which had impacted my morale because I felt like everyone just wanted to quit. So, when helpful JF pilot came along, I not only thought I had made a new friend, but that we might actually be able to get through this after all.

Of course, he turned out to be a corp thief. He cleared out the corp hangars, ripped off several members, and had managed to biomass before I had even logged on. Not only did it turn out that my friend wasn’t actually my friend, but it killed the corp. It was a struggling, unremarkable corp full of knuckleheads, but it had a good culture and I had made some friends there.

When the corp died, people went their separate ways or went on break. And I ended up being the last person on comms twice! I was the last person logging in on comms when the corp died, then I went on break. About 6 weeks later, I logged in to find an email from a buddy who said that a few of them had started a new corp. So I joined that and came back to the game. Unfortunately, we all seemed to have joined the corp out of an attempt to preserve our friendships, and not because were all united in what we wanted to do moving forward. As you can imagine, people eventually went their separate ways, several went on break, never to return, and I once again found myself to be the last person logging into corp comms.

I still keep in contact with one my friends (he joined another rental corp). We text chat everyone once and a while, and hang out maybe once a year. He talks about how nice their setup is out there, and I try to get him into the things I get into. He sometimes humors me, but I think he’s happy where he is, and I have no desire to return to endless krabbing. I imagine that my desire to experience more of Eve and to grow as a player would have eventually made me leave that rental corp of my own accord. But that still doesn’t change the fact that someone pretended to be my real life friend in order to steal imaginary space ships, and his actions lead to the loss of several real life friendships and my community.

You say that I must realize that Eve is a game? I do. In fact, that’s why I feel as strongly as I do about this. Spies and corp thieves betray real life friendships and communities for something as inconsequential as imaginary spaceships. I don’t know dude, seems like you either need to fail to understand the consequence of your actions, utilize techniques of neutralization (i.e. deny the harm by telling yourself, “it’s just a game”), or be a psychopath to be able to do something like that.

Anyway, I understand that this is the nature of the game being played. And I am on guard against this kind of stuff (in fact, I’m probably too untrusting). But I personally won’t engage in that sort of thing. I’ll exploit greed, laziness, impatience, ignorance, bad decision making, inattentiveness, and predictability. I will gank, blob, bait, hotdrop, gatecamp, use “dishonor drones”, and all that good stuff -have no problems with any of that. I do, however, have a problem with exploiting friendship and community. And I don’t care how many other people do it, or how much I stand to gain, that’s where I draw the line.