Kill Rights

I’m new and I have a kill right I would like to see fulfilled. I know I am not skilled enough to complete it on my own so I made it available for 500k ISK. Is that a good price to get it done or should I just make it free?

I don’t have much ISK and I lost my best ship and all my turret modules.

if you really want to see the kr used set it at 0 isk :slight_smile:

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If it’s a -5 or lower security status char it doesn’t matter, above I would giving it for 10M.

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The security status is -10 I think. Is that good for the 500k I asked for it?

With that status everybody can engage him everywhere, so KR don’t matter.

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So basically he is already a criminal so he can always be a target? Without CONCORD reprimanding you?




You have to check what type of ganker blew up your ship, if they are running around in Catalysts and are -10 security status then KR’s mean nothing and are effectively worthless. However if they are Tornado, Rupture or even thrasher gankers that lurk off stations or gates then that KR is an excellent way of getting back at them. They spend ISK on tags to get their security levels up so they can lurk.

You can assign your kill rights to another character or corporation, I suggest you think about Githany Red’s corp. Another key aspect is if you make them open to everyone then the gankers will often clear them themselves and laugh, though that is fifteen minutes of inactivity, which I suppose is something…

The final issue is cost, a Rupture is worth 13m when fitted, people put 20m KR’s on them, never going to happen. So if you assign the KR to someone specific that uses them, do it at 0 or something small in cost.

I should add that these lurking type of gankers who lose ships to kill rights will often log or take a break because of their loss, so it is very worthwhile doing.


:roll_eyes: nobody cares

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And I’d like to add don’t listen to the Bandit Princess aka
@Aiko_Danuja , ever

Next time you get a killright on someone with high security status than -5 join us for the hunt , we would be happy to show you the ropes. You need to do a bit of detective work, your kr timezone and login times , together with systems they operate in , try looking on zkill for information.

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DO NOT sell the Kill Rights to your killer.
VENGEANCE must be yours, and yours alone, no matter how long it takes.

DO NOT even think about contacting GITHANY RED.

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We had a hunt last night 3 targets down , 3 people happy 2 gankers salty, I can’t see why you say what you do :thinking:
Oh wait I can hehe

I always ask if people who send us the KR want to join a hunt , often they are spotted and we have to act , so joining is not always possible.

More in that hunt later

I set the ISK value mostly between 10-25M ISK. It works most of the Time.

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Just an update , thxs for the latest wave of 0 isk killrights that have been sent to us .

We will try our best to find the pilot’s and unleash hell fire upon them .

If anyone would like to join on a hunt and they own a killright , mail me in game or if you just want to watch that’s find too.

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That you are getting allocated KR’s like this is really good news.

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Disappointed to say the least 1000isk

So just out of interest which one of you is @Holly_Jane and her team of around jita tornado gankers , not that it matters I just wondered.