Please allow non-mutual contacts to appear when on/off line when you have a kill-right against them

This follows this revelation:

Seems ludicrous to have to rely on an -out of game- source to play the game properly.

no, it was removed for a reason

Only if you show as online to them too.

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Of course.

What’s the reason?

just to offer the counter argument
it seems reasonable to me that no in game feature will tell you the status of any player in game at will.
the only info you can get on any player in game is their corp history and bio. Anything else has to be worked out by playing the game.

I know it used to, but that is excessive sharing, you also used to be able to see any characters standings with corps etc, so you could spy on them very easily to see what pve they did, there is no reason, even from a roleplay point of view that this info would be available.

for zkill, either the player themselves voluntarily posted the kills/losses, or someone else involved, who was in the same fight as them and saw them in game, chose to post the kill/loss and associated intel and they posted it to a public record for all to see, so it was a choice.
Either way it is legitimate intel on a player provided by a player, not just free intel provided by eve.

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