The Hunt

(Riggse) #1

By now its no surprise that ill be leaving EVE. But before I do there is a question of what I should do with all my isk and assets?
I wont give it away, and it would seem a waste to just let it die with my character…

So what about a Hunt?

we could do all capitols, certified KM’s only

For instance,

Dread 500mill
Carrier 500mill
Rorqual 1bill
Super carrier 3Bill
Titans 5 bill

Is this something that could work? and how would we make it legit…

help me refine this and maybe we can have some fun, and you could earn some really good isk.

I should mention that this will only apply to certified reds to the swarm. ie, PL, horde NC.

(Darian en Chasteaux) #2

Hey There !

I am fairly new to Eve have played off and on but I had one occasion where I lost alot of supplies due to a major misunderstanding of the sending of supplies in those boxes or crates; in fact I am still confused about them; private contracts and all. I did manage to contact Eve Support and tell them of this issue and after over a month of haggling they returned me most of my supplies. What is your level and how long have you played? I guess if you have a super carrier it must have been awhile; I am only a casual player but if you want to help me out in any way it would be greatly appreciated and your name may go down in the ranks !

Thank you,


(zluq zabaa) #3

Hm… trying to be constructive: I don’t think anyone will go hunting capitals for that ISK. If you want to give it away for sups or caps kills you will probably have to watch killboards. Maybe one or two guys will posts such killmails here asking for the reward, but most won’t.

Reason 1: you are not really offering that much and people might be afraid of their reputation, as it could make them look like they are cheap mercs.

Reason 2: in most cases there will be a number of pilots on the killmails and involved in the action. If 20 guys kill a Hel, they would end up with 150M each, which if just send to their wallet probably no one will be mad, but to even make the effort to post in a thread for that … nah

I might be completely wrong and Delve might burn by tomorrow, but it would be surprising.

(FloppieTheBanjoClown) #4

Seeing the title: Oh! I love hunting! This should be good.

Seeing the target: Ugh. Capitals are boring.

Seeing the target limitations: Oh boy. Nullsec politics are involved.

It’s an uninteresting “game” limited to a small portion of Eve players–those with the connections and resources to hunt and kill capitals. Instead, use it to drive conflict that is accessible to everyone. Make Eve more interesting on your way out instead of more of the same.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #5

Didn’t Goblin try this a while back against the goons? He had some strange set of rules requiring a screenshot of certain text being spammed in local and having to be high damage on the kill mail or something. He used Chribba as the 3rd party to hold the isk I thought. I don’t think it worked.

That said, why not just fund a merc group if you wish to go after a specific target. If you just want an event, undock a capital with tons of loot and go sit at a large faction warfare PLEX.

(Viserion Pavarius) #6

you could team up with Grath Telkin. Legit ex-convict dream team, you know?

(Timberwulf420) #7

pm me and we can working something out

(Noragen Neirfallas) #8

How about instead of random untargeted capitals you pick one or more entities you don;t see eye to eye with, Palm off your Isk to a trusted third party and have them pay out based on xyz conditions. I always prefer revenge stories. Also why are you quitting?

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