Looking for in-game channels to try Emerging Conduits

See title. I’m not really familiar with these, but they are all over my home constellation. I’ve heard that the payouts diminish for fleets beyond three members, but I doubt I can solo them. Curious if people PUG this sort of content.

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Bugger, I will be at work for the full duration. Appreciate the heads-up, though.

You need a good tank and tracking fit.
These scale depending on fleet size upto 4 player fleets, after that they don’t scale.

1 to 4 player fleet will generate equal rewards per player.
5+ player fleet split the rewards among players like normal PVE hunt fleets.

So in one way its great as you can have others warp in on you and start attack the Trig and it won’t effect what you get, but once a 5th player warps it it will effect the existing 4 players rewards.

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Thank you for the corrections, I must have misread. Think I will forego soloing for the time being, until I can afford to lose a throwaway cruiser or w/e.

I guess use a t1 deadspace fitted battleship on these with drones.

If you are in the Amarr hub area, i could use a partner. Even as inefficient as i run them, a praxis paid for itself pretty quick

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I just tried my first one. Ive seen a couple of videos of others doing it so thought id give it a go. rhml armageddon was ship of choice.

final round, i got 10 ships, a cruiser and frigs and destroyers. i had to warp out 2 or 3 times!! never seen any videos with anyone receiving that many!!

i got 300lp for ded, 4.5m bounty and about 35m in loot and salvage

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Hm, I’m still well out from training battleships and large weapons. I guess I better hold off for a while. Thank you for the feedback about your experiences, it is helpful.

The beauty of a praxis is that it doesn’t require BS skill, you can tank to your skill set, and they give bonus to launchers and turrets. If you partner up you may not need a BS though. I ran a few with somebody who was piloting a phantasm yesterday. They still had to warp off now and then, but it still made for a much faster clear time than either of us running solo. If you live in hi sec, it is well worth the time investment to do some trial and error runs to see if you can put something together that will get them done.

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