Triglavian hunt for Rookies (Thursday 3rd of October, 18:00 EvE Time)

Hello younglings,

In the past once in a while I have organised little rookie fleets to run event sites, but this time I want to setup a little Fleet with you new pilots, which will run emerging conduits.


While the sites are not very challenged for experienced players, I imagine they are pretty hard for new capsuleers, at least doing them solo. So I want to help you to run those sites and make some ISK in the process.

What is in it for me?

Not really much, Ill get a share of the ISK payment for completing the sites, but all the loot and salvage will be there for you to get. I do not want any of it! I just want to help new players and to teach you how a team can do things in EvE, you would not be able to do alone (at least not yet).

What will I be doing?

I will simply bring logistcs cruisers to keep you lot alive, while you deliver a “GLORIOUS” death to the Triglavians.

What do you need to bring?

Preferrebly a cruiser with short range weapons, an armor buffer tank, and at least 1 webifier (drone boats are fine too).
(if you need help with fitting a ship for this thing feel free to send me a mail ingame and I´ll help you)

If you do not feel like shooting things, or do not have a cruiser ready just yet… depending on the number of ppl showing up in cruisers, 1-2 salvaging destroyers might be able to make some $$ too :).

When and where?

I will start the fleet in Amarr (the System).

Begin: Thursday, October 3rd: 17:45 - 18:00 EvE Time
Duration: 2-4 hours, depending on number of participants (You don´t have to stay for the full duration)
Where: Somewhere in amarrian Space (High Sec only!)

If you can not make it to Amarr in time, but want to catch up later, contact me ingame and I will give you a link to the system we are in.

If you are interested in joining the fleet, leave a reply here.

Edit: I am aware that a lot of people probably only be able to fly ships that usually would not be fitted with an armor tank. If that is the case for you, but you would be interested in coming alone, let me know which cruiser you would like to fly and I will give you one in Amarr (for free) that is fitted for the task.

You will need some armor tanking skills to use them, but I will prepare ships which require an absolute minimum of skills. If you can fit an armor plate, a damage control and energized adaptive nano membranes, you have all the skills you will need.

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Good initiative, DS. This is the sort of player-driven activity good to see in EvE.

Do you mind if established players show up too or this is strictly for new players?

That is fine for me, I am not really excluding anyone from this. Having a bit more firepower around is something the rookies profit from in the end ;).

Well as a new player im pleasantly surprised about the existance of player organised events like this. Hopefully i can attend it.

Well, I see it like this:

A Sandbox is only as interesting as the people who play in it. But games like EvE require people to step up and just organise things. It does not really matter if it´s public stuff like this, or people FCing fleets or small roaming gangs.

In the end I think everyone should at least try to step up and to organise some fun stuff to do. The more people we have in the game, who create content in any form, the more interesting the game becomes for everyone.

So, 3-4 Rookies said they would be coming, so we can definetly do it, but if more ppl still want to join. Just let me know :slight_smile:

Unfortunately at this time I couldn’t attend due to time constraints. Happy hunting!

Thx, we are at it right now… sadly just 2 rookies made it so far… 1 Maller and 1 Hero in a rookie ship who is still alive in the 3rd site :slight_smile:

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If you want to start a mailing list to keep me informed of events like this or similar ones, I would be interested in showing up for them when they align with my schedule, and/or beg people I know to come along.

Well, I was planning to just update this thread with a new date for the next time.

That being said, here is a little overview…

Sadly in the 5th site our mascot (the little rookie ship got 1 shot) and I was actually suprised he lasted that long, but we shared quite a bit of the loot with him and he also got a cruiser worth around 30 mil (including fitting) out of it to train for which he can use the next time around.

60+ million for somebody on his 2nd day flying a corvette is a rather nice payout I guess :). He said that he did not get any payouts for completing the sites though, no idea if that has something to do with him flying a corvette.

Now the other one who came along did get a little bit more out of it.
40 Million in rewards for the sites and round about 150 million in loot and of course a free Maller worth 30 million ISK as well.

As I was using 3 chars (1 Damnation, 1 RR Legion and 1 guardian) My payout for the sites was 120 million. I helped picking up some loot but gave the money to our Mascot, as I did not want to make any money out of it. The money I made pretty much covered the costs for the cruisers I prepared to hand out. (I had 4 prepared, but 2 are obviously still left).

We have been running for around 3.5 hours, but were not exactly rushing through the sites either. With me mostly just making sure that he does not die and not really bringing a lot of fire power obviously we did not finish the sites in record time :).

Looting also did cost a little bit of time, as it was supposed to be a “grab what you can thing” I did not bring an MTU and a lonely maller picking up the loot delayed us a little bit between sites, but not too much.

We also left quite a bit of salvage behind… roughly estimated value 40-70 million, as nobody signed up to be a cleaner :). (Based on the amount of salvage I get when I run the sites on my own).

I know it´s not a huge amount of ISK for 3.5 hours from the perspective of experienced players, but for new players I think this is a neat way to make some money and even better it´s more fun than grinding alone as rookies absolutly will have to do this in teams. And after all this is one of my main objectives, giving new players a chance to experience EvE as a team game, without being required to sign up for a corp.

Still I would be happy if I see my 2 companions again and a few more ppl the next time around.


Updated the thread with a new date (next thursday)!

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Hi - Shame I didn’t see this thread the first time around - sounds like great fun!
I’d like to join you next time if possible - depending on the time your running the mission - and how many million jumps I’m going to have go through to get there :slight_smile: .
I’m flying missions with a nicely shield tanked Caracal missile boat. Would this work or does it have to be an Amarr boat - I’m afraid I don’t have many amour skills?

For this to work it needs to be armor tanked. If you come I can hand you a slightly exotic fitted Caracal with armor tank for this (don´t get me wrong, usually you definetly should not armor tank a Caracal), but in this case with the ships I am using it is important that the people in the fleet have a little bit of armor buffer and some resistances too, otherwise it´s impossible for me to keep you alive.

The good news is: Tech1 items are fully sufficient so the time to train the missing skills is minimal, it´s just a couple of hours at most.

All you need to be able to use in regards to tank is:

  • Damage Control I
  • Energized adaptive nano membrane I
  • 800mm Steel plate 1

Thanks - I’ve checked I’m all skilled up for those.

So just let me know where and when and I’ll be there.

Look forward to it.

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Time and Date is in the opening post and also the thread title ;).

Gathering spot once again will be Amarr (the System) where I will be handing out ships and once everybody is ready we will fly to the final destination system together.

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Srry forgot to make a reply. But i was one of the two who played with him for 4hours. I had a great time and i did get about 200million in loot and 30 million in payouts.

Here’s us in action: ( without our mascot)

10/10 would do it again and recommend it to new players :wink:

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I’m afraid I’m going to have to cry off joining you - unfortunately RL means I don’t get the chance to get to play much during the week and then never before 8. If you ever organise a run at the weekend - then I’m in. Sorry.

Another happy newbie here. We did it last week and it was great: having fun, learning things (@Darth_Schweinebacke really helpful and patient, @Aescullus another nice and helpful person), earned some 160-170m.
On and on a very nice experience and will definitivy do it again if available.

Fly safe