Small fleet of noobs emerging conduits

Hello fellow capsuleers,

As a corporation we’ve been looking into doing emerging conduits together. While we do have a few veterans with good skills and more expensive ships most of our corpmembers are new tot the game and have relatively low skills (flying around in cruisers or battle cruisers atm). So i wondered what ships would you recommend for new players that want join in doing these conduits as a corp activity. So we’ll be in a small fleet of 3 to 7 people.

From what I’ve been reading the praxis is the most recommended ship, but I was wondering if there are any other options available that are noobfriendly and tanky enough to survive the sites. I was wondering if it was viable to bring logis or to set up some spider tanking ships that could be considered.

Any ship, fleet and fit recommendations will be appreciated

thanks 07

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:red_circle: Pretty much anything works as long as it is coherent. For instance, you can do a Rupture fleet with 2 Scythe logi. Hurricanes with Scythe work, too. Or Harbinger with Exequors. Gnosis with Scythe works very well, too. Mix in a dedicated webber if you want to pin down fast moving frigates and work as drone anchor/trigger. I would suggest Battlecruisers over cruisers because of the additional tank, higher DPS and more utility.

Spider tanking Dominixes or Nestors are popular, too. EC do not pose too much of a challenge and only become marginally harder once the system progresses into the Minor Conduit state as they will just spawn a handfull of Hospodor/Liminal trigs.

One thing to keep in mind are offensive logistics from the trig shits. If one or two or more Rodivas/Zarmazds or other logis repair the triglavians, you will have a very hard time to break anything without the extreme DPS/alpha of BS. A number more BS.

If you join the pro Edencom channels, you will find some Mailing lists mentioned in their channels which list a number of possible and tried ship fittings for invasions.

Thanks. We will probably set up a pair of RR domi’s and then have the rest come in amor buffer tanked ships

Logistics is key for a small group. Choose armor or shield. Setup a pair of logi ships and you should be able to keep any reasonably tanked ship alive. Omni-resists at or greater than 60% is recommended, and buffer tanks.

If you make sure and destroy any anchoring triglavians then you can warp out at any time if required.

cheers. We’re gonna go with a dual rr domi and then the newer members can bring any buffer armor tanked ship