[Good Samaritan] Saving up for my first Super, FAX, & Titan through elite pvp (UP TO 110b!)

So my goal is to buy and own my first capitals while I wait for various characters to train into them. The ultimate goal is saving enough for a Super and FAX, then onto a Titan. Every ISK of my acquired loot + ransom will go into this pot, and I’d like to share the progress with my fellow deviants.

I do have another ~spooky~ method for obtaining ISK, but being that it’s ~spooky~ I’ll probably wait to share that after I’ve got my Titan.


I tried to “win” at eve and basically gave all my ■■■■ away. I’ve since failed to “win” at eve so I’m back doing my thing. I’m not exactly in a group that would benefit from me owning and using a Super / Titan, but it’s still a goal of mine one day. Instead of saving up for that I will be investing it two projects, one of which is neat while the other is just boring. So I will still keep the rolling total going, but may start giving updates on how much loot I actually have in my station containers.

If you’re interesting in learning how to do all this, then all you need to do is read. It’s all pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve read this in its entirety and still have questions, contact me on Faylee Freir.


Part of the convo: https://pastebin.com/k2KCM0wr

2.1b in loot dropped
1b in “ransom”

25b in bounty on two of my characters

1b in “ransom”

Part of the convo: https://pastebin.com/hzEbktjS

646m in loot dropped
1.2b in “ransom”

Tears from “Bringing Solo Back”: https://pastebin.com/N8VcytnX

ISK in the “pot”:
5,946,000,000 ISK


That is really evil… You should be ashamed, space-trash!

(I love it!)


Imma definitely have to give this one a go, Also message me next time you get one and I’ll get them to pay you ransom AND eject ;D

EDIT: and give you a killright for later xD


Will do, friend. I think my last pvp duder would have ejected, but sadly I cannot fly all freighters and jump freighters. I will fix this soon.


Don’t forget to make them fill this form :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Haha I will start using that. Link the one about what to do when you get ganked by code. That ones great.


this one? :smiley:


Haha yeah! That’s incredible.


Forgot to share this one…

Found a nice whale to try and ‘help’ but he was unresponsive. I wanted him to explode so I contacted a good friend that was ganking near by and passed it on. I kept him bumped while they came to gank it.

5b ISK cut from the drop

Same :poop:, different day

ISK in the “pot”:
10,946,000,000 ISK


This thread is gold.

Love the chat logs.


Yeah I’m glad that linking chat logs and killmails are allowed here on the new forums. It’s very C&P.

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Om nom nom :smiley: Keep em coming :hamburgerparrot:

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Part of the convo: https://pastebin.com/1Rj9YtVC

1.2b in ransom



ISK in the “pot”:
12,146,000,000 ISK


Started the night off with a helpful charity bump session for a friend…

I’m glad the lootfairy was kind.

So I was on my way back to my usual setup when I get a convo from a “Cally Altol”…


So somewhere in the middle of that Cally had a corp member come try and scare my bumper off in a Gnosis. I noticed that the Gnosis was slowly approaching the gate so I decided to approach him. To my luck I ended up decloaking the Orca 10km from the gate. I start bumping him and his Gnosis friend goes GCC on me.

I continue the convo with him and act panicked so that he knows that now that the evil ganker has killed his friend, the rest of the gank fleet will probably come for the Orca.


He had duels blocked so he ended up sending me a request, which I gladly accepted… I mean I am not one to turn down an honorable 1v1.

(1) Killright on his friend for his dishonorable gank attempt on my ship
I made a new friend

He convo’d me a few minutes after the honorable 1v1 duel battle and we had this pleasant exchange of words…
I now have to spend a few minutes reporting this unsavory loser for the internet threat I’ve received.

While I didn’t add to my “pot”, I did get to stretch the legs of combat and exert my dominance of the weak.


Lol, you’re running on Port 8080.

Some people write the dumbest things.


I know that your ip a dress is

Been doing new stuff with the boys this weekend, I still have a lot to learn, but it was profitable and damn good fun :smiley:


So I just barely rolled out of bed (yes even heroes have to sleep) and I just had a feeling that there was a poor hauler somewhere out there in New Eden that was in dire need of my help. I log on and immediately spot “Swift Lurker” not being very swift and not being very lurkey… I see that the plague that is a bump machariel making sweet love with his hull. I immediately spring into action…

Somehow I was able to intercept the direct comms link between said bump machariel and our “victim”:

Upon receiving those communications I decide it’s time for me to intervene: https://pastebin.com/24UmBmCq

So you’ll notice he had duels blocked (this is the 4th one in a row BTW)

So about half-way through this engagement some dirty anti-heroes show up to try and stop me. One in a Gnosis and the other in a Naga (sadly I wasn’t fast enough to get on the Naga)

Sometimes I bring fireworks to celebrate the success of our experience!

And finally… I win

~1b in Robotics (I always wanted to start a collection of PI for the upcoming structure changes!)

Some post-op follow up with our new “friend”
Anti-Gankers trying to make sense of it all
+2 Kill Rights to play with

Oroboros Omaristos > Swift Lurker as a freighter pilot, it is recommended to automatically deny duel request. You can do this by going to EVE settings > General Settings > Dueling. Check the “Auto Reject Invitations”
Swift Lurker > they’re on auto deny
Swift Lurker > he/she talked to me in a very helpful tone
Swift Lurker > and since i had already announced on here, i took the bait :slight_smile:

zyk0 > You’re in a 1B+ ship - cargo collat and accept web help from a random. I can’t seem to understand the logic here.
Dracvlad > panic
Dracvlad > hope
Dracvlad > pretty logical

So here I’ll leave you for now with our hero riding off into the sunset (4 killmarks, mind you)!

Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in my services. I’m ready!

ISK in the “pot”:
13,146,000,000 ISK


I’m a unicorn
And I like this


This just in from Gank-Intel:

[ 2017.07.25 15:56:58 ] Beam Piper > what kind of fleet does STOP AND FRISK have behind him?
[ 2017.07.25 15:57:17 ] Misa Joe > he has at least one vexor navy issue
[ 2017.07.25 15:58:07 ] Beam Piper > thats it?
[ 2017.07.25 15:58:40 ] Sprungle Spormen > he bumbs you and tryes to ransom you, and then you get a duel invite from a friendly person. witch will kill you
**[ 2017.07.25 15:58:57 ] Beam Piper > who is dumb enough to do that?**
**[ 2017.07.25 15:59:04 ] Swift Lurker > me** :stuck_out_tongue:
[ 2017.07.25 15:59:08 ] Sprungle Spormen > https://zkillboard.com/character/92526872/

Oh the lol’s