Just a thought to you C&P players

Once in a blue moon, I see some post about some CODE or other useless corp doing weird things in EVE and all you new players are like “help what should I do?” etc.

Well for starters, EVE doesn’t have a “bad guy” corp, never has, never will.

If you are in 0.0 space, you won’t have to deal with these “wannabe mafia” wannabes. If you want to try and survive in high sec, just remember, you will have to deal with them and the corrupt concord as well.

My alt has been mining solo in high sec for maybe 12 years. Never encountered a gank from anyone, not even during the multiple hulkageddons.

So basically anyone affected by these wannabe bad guys / protector guys are just too weak or stupid to play this game.

Just thought I would throw this out there.

Merry Christmas.

PS. Any replies to this post are just little 9gagger virgins trying to seem like they have big boy pants on.

It’s the holidays, shouldn’t you be with friends and family instead of starting self-masturbatory nonsense threads?


Just thinking about that about you. actually

First of all, you got podded by Kalle! He is a snuggly Danish hypno toad. . and… well that is all really.

Merry Christmas!!


So fake I nearly believed it myself.

wait what, 1 trillion, yea, this is actually true. yea i support this post. I had like +225 implants and shite

Nice find on that killmail.

And oh no, he’s one of those idiots who uses +5s. :frowning:

One trillion pod. Wow. If I could fly a one trillion pod, I would.

Let me break this down for you.

0.82 (Zero point eight two)
288 (two hundred and eighty eight)
166,000 (One hundred sixty six thousand)
351,000,000 (Three hundred fifty one million)
1,000,000,000 (One billion)

Compare that to:

1,000,000,000,000 (One trillion)

Less mental masturbation, more mental exercise.


Ok thanks but eve if i could fly a ONE BILLION pod, I would like to know that I did… this is amazing. I mean wow… seriously, this is awsome. Does this mean that all killboards have been +1000% of the actual loss?

No problem, happy to help.

You died. Thats what you did.

No, this means that all Killboards have the accurate cost of the market value of each implant at the time of death.

A billion isk isnt a lot, especially for a year old player.

I am so dreaming I lost a one trillion pod… even if I could somehow, there is 0% chance anyone, ever, in the history of EVE, has ever, will ever, have a 1 trillion ISK pod :smiley:

How about dreaming that you lost a billion isk pod to gankers? You seem to be trying to deny that the pod was worth a billion isk.


I could not. and never would have, lost a 1 billion pod. For starters, even if I had 5x +5 imlapnts, which I usually do, they are worth to ME no more than the tiny sum of maybe 200k. If I bought them, (not loyalty store like usual) it could be like 1b. But I am not such a noob who would every do something that stupid.

And yet reality, says you did. Doesnt matter if you delude yourself into thinking that a titan costs 1 isk, reality says otherwise.


How embarrassing.



Don’t you know the difference between 1 billion and 1 trillion. Or is 1 billion isk PODS end game content for you? Wonder what that means for my 3 Billion isk POD… GodMode?

API verified killmail it happened… no pretending otherwise. Seems like the real 9gagger virgin ended up being the original poster.


At the end of the day, he was just some dumb kid who was bored at a christmas party and had nothing else to do but be a moron on the forums. Now that it’s over, he’s probably not gonna show his face here again.

Or loose another “1 trillion” isk pod.

Probably was yellow flashy and doesn’t know how to warp away in his pod

He lost the worm too