There are some good people around here

I just started playing the free version of Eve three or four days ago and liked it so much that I upgraded to Omega.

I’ve been doing some mining, some PI, and while waiting for some PI results, I was doing some missions.

In one of those missions I went through some low sec space and boom, someone destroyed me in 2 seconds :slight_smile:

Since I was a bit tight for cash, I started selling some ships and then I noticed that the player that destroyed me transferred 2 million isk into my account. I talked to him and he told me he transferred the money because I looked like a new player.

Hopefully, I get destroyed one hundred times more like this :smile: .


Just like real life, there is only one first time. Glad you enjoyed it

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EvE community may enjoy talking harsh, but if theres something I noticed people seem to have in common is the spirit to help newbros, specially people that are nice bros!


After a while you will find this less and less true. EVE is a griefers paradise with a low-skill ceiling, and over time has accumulated the worst of the worst.

If he was such a good guy, why did he destroy you?

Good people also make mistakes. He went out of his way to make it up to me.


In lowsec? Really?
Also - just because a player destroys another player’s ship doesn’t make them a bad person. That is an integral part of this game and it would be pretty boring without any danger.


You can be killed at 0km of the Jita 4-4 docking ring. There is not much difference in my mind, between that and low sec. The space doesn’t change. We change. Well, you do, aparently . . .

Okay, fine, but then why does giving someone else 2 million ISK make them a good person?

He didn’t make a mistake. You did.


“you do, apparantly”…not sure where you are trying to go…are you attempting to insult me somehow?..probably, it is the internet, after all. I suspect we may be saying much the same thing in regards to OP being popped. I don’t think anyone should be surprised at being destroyed, especially in low/null/wh.

I never made any claim that it did. You do realise I didn’t make the OP…right?

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You are asserting that a “good guy” can be someone who blows up new players in low sec for no apparent reason. Are we on the same page, yet?

Don’t know what page you’re on…about. The reason is we are all playing a game based around blowing up spaceships. Is that not reason enough regardless of what particular niche in the wonderful EvE ecosystem we occupy?

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Nice story OP and I hope you continue to head into lowsec while you are still learning the game (nullsec too).

You’ll die a lot, but learn that ships explode a lot in EVE and they aren’t anything to become attached too.

You’ll probably also find there are a lot of players in the game that will reimburse genuine new players for their losses.

Lowsec tends to be a shoot first, look at character after, but there are a lot of average-nice people playing this game.

Welcome to EVE and I hope you continue to find the game entertaining.


There are plenty bad guys arround who didn’t destroy any ships so far.


I don’t have a problem with this OPINION. I have a problem with you people trying to shove it down everyone’s throat.

We do not live in your fantasy world. If you cannot separate your OPINION from objective reality, then you are not qualified to tell us about someone else’s character (or space character, if you prefer) based on that other’s objective, observable behavior.

I’ll ask again: if he was such a good guy, why did he blow up the noob for no apparent reason?

You can ask the guy straight forward and not to spin it arround here. Since none of us could explain his intentions.

Absolutely. So, but how do we assess whether they are good or bad? Isn’t it by some behavior they exhibit that is consistent with “good” or “bad”?

If you blow me up (on purpose), you’re bad (or space bad, if you prefer). Sorry.

That’s only your point of view to judge me with ‘bad’ tagging.

Calm down, ffs.


The guy that I would categorize as “bad” blew up someone’s spaceship for no apparent reason.

^ This is not an opinion. Why should this fact not lead one to conclude that he is “bad”, every bit as much as the 2 million ISK leads us to conclude that he is “good”?