The Reason behind an Action and the Watering of the content


Warning this is what most call a Wall of text if you are not a fan of such please ignore
Warning this is not a safe Space i will always speak facts and not care for your personal feelings or opinion based reactions

i have noticed several things ever since i joined months ago as a capsuleer learning about the world of which we fly was key and i was enjoying my time learning about the history and lore and factions and every thing that made the world of New Eden what it is …but that didnt last very long

you see the issue was not in the world but with capsuleers like me … they acted heartless and drone like , they dont know anything about anything and being in new Eden to them was like a living inside calculator driven by a directive of unknown destructive nature , almost like rogue drones its hilarious how the developers almost made some thing that represents how 99% of pilots act and behave

you see i have had a lot of discussions that i wish to present here in other forums and with other pilots in the world but i think its time i make one here even thou i know the destructive nature of said pilots will only bring me a ton of hate , insults , and false claims followed by lectures and a big pile of opinions based on nothing but what every one call the norm , simply for the same of not having an answer , so lets get down to it before some one accuses me of some thing

there is a lot i wish to cover but i wish to hammer home Two main points that branch off to many topics and aspects so here goes

1- the Because I can mentality

and while this is the HEART of what you can do in new Eden …
there is a going ‘’ Trend’’ of hurting one another and doing stupid acts to people you have never met for no purpose at all pilots just engage one another as they come across one another for no obvious reason , it does not profit them or reward them , the risk is high and they spend hours doing nothing but cloaking and moving from gate to gate to find some one to fire at for no purpose , often they complain about how risky and boring it is and yet they do it anyways , what is more silly and stupid is that often they pay whoever it is they ‘’ kill ‘’… they shoot them and then pay them for the ship and gear they just lost… so why ?i hear an argument that they claim to be doing it for Content , now i know what content is but this is not content since it lacks persona and lacks reason and its uncalled for and its over all LACK of content when there is soooooo much content in new Eden you are just ignoring it to do your own stupidity , and yes i am calling it stupidity and fairly so if the actions are not fun for you which you prove by saying its boring and time wasting and if its costy , purposeless, none profit and etc etc … then why do you do it ? i cant find a better Reason other then to call it stupidity so prove me Wrong … claiming that its in search of content is not a Real claim since you are doing exactly NOT that…if its content you want why not by driven by reasons with in the world or even personal reasons to drive your actions to engage or side up with a group of people to seek your own personal goals or the goals of the group you are a part of , whatever those goals may be ,unless your goal is to be some one who fly around system to system blowing whatever IT meets like a rogue drone do not claim to be anything of worth you are Grifer as most gamers have defined your kind especially when you are using your ship, ammo , drones and skills just for the purpose of ruining other peoples plan oblivious to what those plans may be ,what is sad now is that with in the Real of New Eden you are a capsuleer the new front and face of the human kind in its new Form you are entrusted with the world’s legacy ,with your power and abilities to do what regular pilots cant do , to shape the history of humanity and recover the truth about our arrival to new Eden you are by all accounts YOU ARE the SYMBOL of POWER Given WILL with in HUMANITY and this is what you do with it ?
ofc this comes from lack of understanding of the world and ignorance of Content , factions ideology and mechanics and etc all made so that you can fit some where in the world and have your own prospective and things then clash it with others , it will make your action of pulling the trigger fueled by some ting you believe in or want to do … it makes it purposeful rather then boring … killing other pilots who are new, who could be having bad day in the Real life , who come here to enjoy the world just like you , who often mean you no harm should at least have a Reason behind it , one that is other then BECAUSE I CAN …

2- Fake Terminology like Care bears and Rats

not only that the terminology is stupid and lazy but it implies that you are being watered Down , it implies that they are better then you that you are nothing but some one who walks the side line, that you do not fit the world that you are only guest as some took to calling them recently
yes it will make you see the world you are flying in to even Worse , Rats Really ? you mean an organisation that used to be involved in underground Research with enough power to make better ships and weapons BETTER then the empire that is branched from is a Rat ? are you Seriously going to call a trained pilot that just happened to not bee capsuleer like you a Rat just for the fact that he is following orders or directive from a chain of command from his faction or org or like rogue Drones ? hell rogue Drones fit the term Rats in some form but from what i know those have been added only Recently NOT TO MENTION that you are basically taking aaaalllllll the world that the developers have done in to making characteristics for aaaaalll of those factions and pirates and guilds and turned them in to one thing like big far F&%$# you to all the hard work they did to making the world al that more alive and all that Real , and then go to the extend of correcting me in rookie help chat when i am speaking to new comers who seem to not be able to relate to this terminology calling me a noob making it even worse to further aid or help them when they question my information and know how or lack of it as you just claimed ,it goes without saying that PVE is one of the best way to make Isk for starter pilots and for you to Ruin it for some one who just joined just to make your self seem bigger and better after spending years of doing whatever worked for you to make the money and skills you are going to Steal that joy from some one else who just joined JUST to feel better about your so called achievements , HOW DDAARREEE YOU, they need to start some where and you instantly Steal any joy or since of attachment that they would have had if you didnt just THROW your nonsense RIGHT on top of them that is only based on your personal opinion and game play robbing them of the experience of growing in to shifting between fun and and challenging activity… you are a monster and a self promoting hat , i can go on about this forever but i think i made my point Clear , you are turning the World in to a calculator crunching numbers mean while anyone who came to join new Eden came to be a pilot in space to have that experience to see the world for what it Really is for its soul for what it had to say for the story and beautiful places and challenges and activities they can do for the places they can go, for the things they can BECOME and you just ripped all that off and replaced it with an logic gate DO NOT WATER IT DOWN FOR THEM and turn it in to a number grinderDO NOT glorify your self over anyone else or mislead those people to thinking that this is the only way to go about doing things , the world of NEW EDEN is as Deep as it gets new people could get lost and overwhelmed and will trust anyone that sounds like they know what they are doing and saying so if you are a self promoting Ass selling the world to them as nothing but Tier types and numbers and categories killing ANY sense of the Worlds soul and persona and character… you are a terrible person …please… dont

there is more to be said and as you can see it could be taken as a personal opinion and that my opinion does not matter and all that nonsense people like to carry on the internet but i urge you … before you start talking SH#T to go back and watch this video because it was what made me Join

and this video after playing for 2 weeks i got to see the celebration of its 15 years anniversary and what made me stay

prove me wrong , ( with in context of the post and avoid personal insult try to keep it civil and constructive )

PS : i have viewed the community guide lines and rules and i see NOTHING wrong with this post , if i am mistaking please point out how and correct it for me maybe i misunderstood some thing and thank you :heart:
the purpose of this post to try and make the community less toxic more new comer friendly and not to NOT ALLOW some from Deforming what Eve Online Really is nothing more

disclaimer THIS IS NOT A RANT.i have posted this before and it was closed due to claim made and followed by Quotation of me saying that i ranted… . in the older post i was only out of fairness humoring the idea that it was a Rant as in any civil debate to view things from another prospective however it is not a Rant!
its a debate with a clear constructive purpose please do not claim it as such


does not make it not a rant.

Reposting doesn’t help either.

Be, constructive… not, waves hand around … this.

its not a rant because forums are places where people discuss ideas , events , facts , and feelings , it is meant to represent the community of which you and me are a part of had i started crying you are all assholes stop this stop that , then yes it would have been a ran HOWEVER it is not , its a Debate open for you to change my mind about it , followed by facts of things that happened and still do happen , videos to further improve my point , and made in the most civil way possible , if you have better way of going about it PLEASE by all means teach me how other wise , do not just throw a claim without explaining why AND You are off topic

Uh, saying this is a rant, then saying this is not a rant, is not going to fool anyone. Least of all the ISD. They arent like you. They dont have a 5 second short term memory capacity.

Please, read the forum rules before you post here.

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You’re heading straight into trouble with your ignorance, mate.

Also can you post a Tl;dr version. I dont have time to read an entire rant. Please condense it into 5 sentences or less.

i am not trying to fool anyone i am not underestimating the mental capacity of whoever is administrating this website but i clearly explain why i did and said what i did , please try to stay on topic

then let it be removed ? the only way we get to better results in the civil world is by fixing what is broken or improving it… leaving things be never did anyone any good, i believe i am trying to improve , if i am wrong ? then by all means explain why or how, same title ? i didnt want to use another one ~ i think sane people are capable of telling the differences and you are off the topic

You’ll get yourself a ban, mate.

Take a break. Think things over. Is this worth it getting kicked?

i think every thing that will improve some thing for the better is worth taking a risk for … we do it every day in New eden by flying in to risky places

You kind of are.

Yeah mate, you admit it yourself. And now youre saying “PLZ IGNORE WHAT I SAID THIS IS NOT A RANT FOR REALZ”.

you love cutting context do you ? here let me fix that

that is how you do it
this is kinda cute , i am Gallanti teaching folk how t be civil right activist ? lol

Yeah, uh, i didnt read your post. Neither will ISD. If you post 99% verbatim, they will only see it as you posting a topic that was already closed. And close it again.

Goodbye :rofl:


i am pretty sure they do read… or at least hope and expect them to… and it seem that they do which is great~ do not assume and speak for people you are not allowed to speak for , also do not speak about some thing you didnt put effort in to understanding , reading , or knowing …also we will see if it gets closed again then i will think of a new approach , we are human beings we all learn by trial and Error , if not then try to carry a civil dialog or just leave if it bothers you to much verbatim <? really ?
in exactly the same words as were used originally. , according to wiki that is what it means fancy terminology to explain what copy paste is after some light editing , not only that its off topic but wow

This is wrong.

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yes saying so is not enough if you may please explain WHY it is wrong or HOW it is wrong , you are on topic just please continue

Eve is a PVP game driven by conflict and destruction, everything else is just to support it.

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that is how you see it , some people dont even carry guns around , some view it as a big Trade hub , some view it as a sand box in fact its makers have all of those tags in it , so why do you think your view is the only one that counts ? which is explained in the LINE right under that which you quoted ,its not JUST big PVP arena , its much more then that , now you think it is , that is fine but do not imply that we are all wrong including the people who made it

your opinion and your view is welcomed but it is lacking … maybe try to explain more why further more

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That’s where you are confusing things, eve is a giant PVP arena.

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