Is sanctuary being provided to unwanted entities in EVE Online?

Let me begin by, let me begin by.
Of the usual shiteposter I am.

EVE Online is a one of kind game which unique mechanics and interactions and, anyway let’s cut this stuff.

EVE Online is has a reputation of being a harsh place when it comes to social environment and sometimes being referred of being a place full of sociopaths and what many more of unstable social or and mental instabilities.
Although that is not true, eve online is not a place full of sociopaths for example, but humans in common tend to look more towards the negative aspects of a subject rather than the positive things, which is a natural thing.
Eve online has plenty of people just play to enjoy their game and try not get to much mentally affected by the surroundings in eve online, it could be a rat aiming for your ship while you are shooting rocks.

Either way on other hands I raise my questions, for example in common places like the forums.
I can add to all my phrases “in my opinion” but lets just say everything I state is my opinion in the first place, so don’t mention it.
Eve online is like a car partly stuck in the mud, slowly plowing through it, whoever is driving the car is assuming it requires the mud to get through the mud, because without the mud how could the wheels have grip? they can’t hold on air do they.
So the car is becoming depended on the mud, if extra mud is added it’s not a partially good thing but also not an extremely bad thing, it keeps the wheels in contact and keeps the car going in the end.

Enough of talking symbolic ways, In eve online there are several entities which spread a negative vibe through eve eden at the cost of other people, sometimes deliberately with the intension to make someone else feel emotional unstable.
I know how it works, someone full of hate, spread his or her toxic behavior to someone else, when successfully applied, the victim has now been infected with a similar hate towards and because of the who caused this.
Than there are 2 ways to deal with discontenting feeling, apply your own hate back towards the aggressor, or if not partly possible pick a victim, make someone feel bad, so you feel better because the other one is feeling bad too.

But that aside now lets get to the serious stuff, so I pick one of the most influencing entities in new eden, were not going to call names in particular and I would suggest you do the same.

So my question is, Is sanctuary being provided to unwanted entities in EVE Online?
What I can read from this is you’re basically given a free pass to let people behave and act how they want with the excuse of it’s just a virtual game.

I could state many or several community issues inside the eve universe which might be part correct and partly incorrect but who’s time should I been wasting with that.

What CCP has to do is bully them, not in a social aspect but in a development level, you like to harass people like that and make people stop playing our game? we’re going to change that mechanic for that.
You think this place is for you to stay? you might want to move elsewhere because we will change it just for you!

If every time CCP was right with the expectations they had with every expansion or new release expecting that that moment there unique game was finally appreciated they would have at least 5 million active players by now.
Soon they might doubt their creative skills, while the root of the problem lies deeper somewhere else.

Here’s 10 emotes I didn’t throw to not distract you

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The essential nature of a sandbox is that the players are the content. Predators and prey, risk vs reward. You are competing (or cooperating) with other players, not NPCs. I believe this is the main reason for Eve’s longevity. It will never have 5 million players because most people want to be entertained - they want to consume content, not be content.

I play as an industrialist. I am prey and my challenge is not merely to survive but to thrive. This is 90% planning and 10% execution. I believe this strategic level is what keeps people coming back to this game. It doesn’t take long to consume the static content provided by the developers and get bored but the dynamic content provided by other players never gets boring.

Eve is also a reflection of the real world. Some will come here for catharsis and that’s OK. The Eve economy and my role as an industrialist, depends on things getting blown up (including me on occasion). I think CCP’s problem is managing expectations - particularly for new players used to “theme park” games where PVP is consensual and assets are “soul bound”. A sandbox with a player driven economy can’t work that way!


'Mandatory Zizek’
you just drank the kool aid

for context- AND CAT VIDEOS

Harden The F Up like CCP themselves say or just quit the game like all the crybabies that came before you.

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I think Do Little explained it very well.

What I have noted is that you have focused some of your post on the mechanics side of the game which is where I have been critical of CCP myself. But the main direction of your post is aimed at the core game play of Eve, in other words you test yourself against people like that, so if you are easily wound up, depressive and emotional over injustice and have limited time to play then you will not like Eve, however if you like testing yourself then Eve is a great game.

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and ccp ate their words a few months later complaining about all the players leaving and asking what can they do to make players stay and get new players after publicly saying " We are at a point we can lose players"

'The moment when there is no longer space between the puppy and what it desires, this is a moment of violence"

And whether you can hear it or not,
The universe is laughing behind your back.

First of all the nature of a sandbox are not predator and prey, that’s something you just made up. :facepunch:

Eve is a reflection of the real world?
What do you mean with this? that is just perfectly fine that murderess, rapists, pedophiles and other scum in eve online would be perfectly fine inside this game and expressing their virtual self alike? (or as long as they can do it sneaky)
You can always state to the EULA and avoid the actual question. :hocho:

It’s exactly what I’m saying here, these people should be kicked out and removed from the game, or unable to exercise their behavior alike, we don’t want everyone to show his true self, like in the Corp description is shown, and they very well know they can!

And yes it would be wise to do a little, maybe the people will follow the advice :railway_track:

Well, real live murderers, pedophiles and rapists could play Eve. However, nothing that can be done in Eve can make you a murderer or rapist - unless you call shooting NPCs murder (capsuleers can’t really die anyway) and making someone butthurt anal rape.
Being a pedophile (someone who is sexually attracted to children) is not a problem (well, it is, but not one that is apparent to the outside). It becomes one when this someone acts on it or at least tries to do so- both in RL and in the game.

I think Do Little can perfectly talk for himself :imp:

Mr. Anti-Christ/Diablo,

Are you trying to suggest CCP should run a criminal/background check on potential players before allowing them to register?

Should it re-run every month to make sure they havent murdered someone in the meantime?

PS: Do you worship Satan? Made any human sacrifices lately? Perhaps a few orgies with teenage virgins? Couple glasses of baby blood?

Please don’t do this, it would be really bad for… umm… my friend…

One way to dismiss valid arguments.

This is one interpretation, the other would be his fear of being raped and murdered by a child molester in game.

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Since you changed your comment 4 times by adding stuff I will just answer the original you put here :brunei:


It was changed to make it better.
Please answer the rest as well, Mr. Anti-Christ/Diablo.

Surely a gentleman with your chosen name supports murderers, rapists and pedophiles?

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Is this just a repeat of the “Should players be responsible for changing their behaviour” thread?

And a good point was raised…

Why is someone with the names of various demons against evil?

Dont make no sense, dawg.

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