EvE community and Mental Disorders

so·ci·o·path noun

  1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

Last night, I made a thread about being scammed by a player using CCP’s built in server lag system. CCP enforced the scam and declared lag scams perfectly fine in eve.
To head off the obvious trolls that live in eve, I made a statement about the mental disorders I have seen within the eve community so far.
The glorious response, from several members, was to come onto the thread and prove my point for me. An ISD closed it because I went to sleep and didn’t respond to the last couple comments.
EvE was built as a sandbox game, and the developers built in several systems into the game to allow for the worst of the community to take advantage of newer players. I believe that’s probably why eve never got very popular. While the entire gaming industry moves towards eradicating the worst of the internet trolls, eve celebrates them.
There have been several published papers exploring the link between video game actions and how they translate back into the real world. The topic is quite controversial, especially as the gaming industry pumps money into lobbyists to prevent the study findings from translating into oversight of the industry.
Specific to this community is the excuse “it’s only a video game”.
That is a fantastic way to escape responsibility for your moral and psychological choices. However, it doesn’t actually change any of the mental degradation that occurs from long term exposure to these types of games. The veterans within this game, for example, are bitter and angry, and seem to show a clear disliking towards newer players. That’s why CCP implemented several rule changes regarding how newer players are treated.
Many of you have gotten and will get angry at me for daring to shine a light on the decaying mental status of the eve community.
To prove how sane they are, many of the sociopaths that troll the forums and run the scams in game seem to find enjoyment out of finding new player threads and mocking them and insulting them. I’d say that speaks more about who you are as human beings, but it’s pretty evident that the mental capacity to understand this topic is very limited within the eve community.
Even now, with simply posting the definition of of sociopath, i’ve got triggered snowflakes melting in the comments. It is truly hilarious. If you’ve bothered to read this far, be aware that i’m trolling the eve forums with this, and find enjoyment out of the comments. I’m going to keep typing like I’m a professional so that you actually have to find this in the text. Then, when you do, send me an evemail in game and I’ll deposit some digital currency into your wallet. Such is the way of the internet. The insane part, however, is that these bitter, angry sociopaths argue against their sociopathy by displaying the exact characteristics of sociopathy. When they insult my intelligence while failing to grasp that they’re acting exactly like I predicted, they make me laugh hard enough that my lower pectoral muscles jiggle. Then I respond.
They tend to make assumptions about who I am in the real world, then get offended when it turns out I’m better than they are in every possible way. The eve player base really is a psychologists wet dream.
The entire conversation last night boils down to several players trying to project an emotional state into text, then mocking me for their projections. For anyone with intelligence, it would be hilarious. For the eve community that piped into the conversation, it seems that it was not hilarious.

Thank you.

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a game in which players take on the roles of imaginary characters who engage in adventures…

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Couldn’t help yourself, could you?


Are you an internet doctor?


I suggest you look up Einstein’s definition of insanity. Didn’t you just have a thread closed spouting that same ■■■■?


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You can call me Dr. Phillis if it helps.

You need that to not feel helpless and useless, i’m fine with that Dr. Phillis.

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