CCP is not your nanny: a message of communal responsibility

I love you guys, or I wouldn’t say this.

If you have a problem with someone or something that happens in-game, don’t run to CCP demanding they punish someone or remove something from the game.

You’re the community. We are the community. If you see someone doing something you don’t like. Just respond to it. That’s your role. Play it. Engage with it. Let them know yourself if you don’t think something is cool or should be allowed. With a game like Eve Online, where freedom and liberty are taken to extremes, we as a community have a responsibility to govern more interactions for ourselves than in any other MMORPG.

CCP just makes the game. We play it. Mitigating bigotry, trolls, and personal attacks - as uncomfortable as it might be - is not CCP’s responsibility – it’s actually part of the game. Trolling, for a long time, was actually an accepted form of psychological warfare. I don’t know how much this has changed, as much as the definition of trolling has changed. But it used to be saying awful things to your enemy was a great way to make them hastily waste resources on you. And if CCP intervened, the game was over. Nobody wants that, just like you wouldn’t necessarily want a teacher stepping in on the playground (all those years back, right?) and messing with a situation you already had under control for yourself.

Yeah, I don’t like to hear ugly talk, either, but it’s up to us to confront it with our own methods of communication, whether that’s to reflect their ugliness, or kill them with kindness. Personally, I prefer to take the high road, and trash them by ridiculing their ignorance, which is the source of the sort of stuff you guys complain about. I understand many words are ugly and get a rise out of you. They’re so powerful as words that even imbeciles can use them to great effect, as you’ve observed. Sure. I agree with you, it sucks. But I want ignorant trash talk in game because it gives me something to fight back against. And I’m not referring to clicking on their profile and submitting a report ticket, like a snitch. HEY! Listen to me! You guys like this Ayn Randian hellscape, right? That’s kind of the point of this game, right? Well, act like it, and confront community issues yourself. That you even expect someone with a position of power over Eve to react to your whining demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the basic philosophy of this special game.

Please stop acting like hall monitors by asking CCP to step in and handle stuff that’s actually our collective responsibility. You know how few people are even left in CCP? Let them focus on keeping the back end alive, and if you don’t like what’s happening up front, well, you’re in here, too. Take matters into your own hands. Let Twitter ban people for social missteps. Let Eve punish them. Don’t be a snitch. Don’t be a rat. Be a wolf. Bring justice to local.

This is Eve Online.


This always works well and most of the time is met with acceptance, understanding and love.


People let me know all the time that they don’t like what I’m doing, sometimes with torturous ways they hope I die. Yes I hope people keep giving me feedback so I can continue to improve their experience.


Considering that this seems to be the approach almost everyone is taking, there really is no reason to think of it as “the high road” or an actually good, or effective, approach.

I agree with the rest. The peasantry should stop begging to their false gods.

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Wall of text to just say stop being a bia

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Wall of text just to be ignored by the next person that wants to complain to CCP.

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For the most part? Sure.

But if the person is in rookie help chat spamming the channel or has a name that is absolutely baittish troll? Yeah I let CCP take out the trash.



Why go through the effort? I wonder because it is none of your business, and you call them trash, so why involve yourself in “the trash” in the first place?

Aren’t you better than that?

If a name is “baittish,” and you respond, hey man, hate to break it to you, but you took the bait!

Also you have not ADDED anything to the game which I emphasize is our responsibility. By reporting people and “letting ccp take out the trash” (are they your garbagemen?) you have only taken away. Nothing is added.

There is a huge chunk, especially of the younger generations, that just pissed their pants thinking of handling something on their own. The weak will always run to authority for protection.


That definitely is CCPs responsibility.


Hi Karak, great response. Just one thing: I offered supporting arguments to my opening claim, but you have not. I can see why people have a problem with confrontation, but why do you think it should be CCP’s responsibility to mitigate attacks on characters and in-game trolling?

Yes it is a question of choosing whether to sharpen your social toolkit by confronting a problem, or simply pressing the report button on people. Just because someone lazily attacks me with shocking language does not mean I should match their laziness and report them. I think people are redeemable, I guess, but it is more an issue for me because I don’t feel good about throwing difficult people away with the press of a button. That’s cheating. It is cheating at the game, but also you are cheating yourself out of the most vital aspect of eve online - the social aspect. If you report people for stuff that you can handle yourself, you’re putting extra work on an already thin task force, that you could have handled yourself. Hey guess what, you can ignore people, you know?

Shooting spaceships, stealing scaming, that is all part of the game. But it is still a game and you should never be subjected to bigotry, personal attacks or even death threats for your actions in a game. I’m in favor of CCP banning this toxic and vile people.


I am not talking about death threats, Karak. I must say if you think it is CCP’s responsibility to remove toxic people so that you can be more :slight_smile: comfy then that is on you, man. I hope in the future you won’t act like such a hall monitor. go easy on the report button, champ. We just changed out the spring!

I don’t report for mere insults or “trolling” whatever that means. But if people are making death threats, which they sometimes do, I will totally report them. How about you?

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I don’t. Take out the RP stuff, where playing an arse is just that and you’re left with reactive types who throw the ‘n’ bomb around like it’s confetti as soon as you do something they don’t like. Of course this varies depending upon who you’re dealing with and could be a smear on how they percieve you were concieved / your sexual orientation / your genitalia length / your type of learning disability.

Do you really think that me saying “Hey bro, it’s just a game, here’s 20m isk to replace your ship and by the way, please don’t call people n$ggers, r$tards and f$ggots - it’s not nice and you’re going to get banned. I’ll write down your name and next time I see it happening I’ll report you to CCP. This is your final warning. Fly safe, have fun.”

I’m perfectly happy to bin people with the press of a button, and I don’t want to ignore them. I want them out of the game I play. Not because they use a mechanic I don’t like, not because they’re disturbing my mining op and bumping me, not because they attacked my Astra, because they’re wankers of the highest order with no fuse or filter.

See, there’s a difference between RP and RL. The above types are undoubtedly c*nts IRL, whereas I’m not.


Calm down miner.


Mate, what does it tell you about a person,
when that person is telling you you’ve been raped …
… by your father, who also passed you on to your uncle?

Or what about Nazis?
Someone yelling Heil Hitler in local is getting reported by me ASAP just as much,
marked as red and made sure everyone knows about that ■■■■■■■ asshole.

You wouldn’t?


Ahmm you mean in game, right. Like you dumb arse I’m going to kill you? :rofl: