[Discussion] Community Safety in EVE Online

At CCP Games, we are committed to maintaining a friendly and inclusive community that celebrates diversity and welcomes players of all backgrounds, religions, beliefs, sexual orientations, and other characteristics that make them unique.

As discussed in our Addressing Community Safety announcement, in the past week, we have been made aware of actions and allegations which are completely unacceptable.

CCP are the stewards of the community, but this space has been shaped and maintained by players for over two decades; enacting new policies for protecting the community are decisions that we want to take together with you. To that end, we’re opening the floor for civil discussion - open to ideas big or small - as to how our EVE Online should be protected going forward.

Smart and equitable solutions for issues like this are challenging - but together, we can navigate through and ensure that EVE has the blueprint in place for a safer future for you and your spacefriends.


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Good luck with the initiative and while it’s a complex issue that I don’t personally have any ideas to contribute that will be better than anyone else’s, I hope it’s an initiative that doesn’t have just a short attention span. CCP doesn’t have the most stellar history of following through on things, but this is an important one.

I hope it applies here in the forum as much as in game and to behaviors carried out on other non-CCP platforms as well.


You need to demonstrate that people dancing around the rules while clearly inciting their followers to harass other players is clamped down upon the same way you would clamp down upon people directly harassing others.

I have been the target of incitement to dox and it needs to be addressed. The evidence has been submitted and not only has nothing been done, but communication with me has halted after waiting weeks for confirmation of support on the issue.


Given CCPs track record I would hope new policies and procedures are being either adjusted or put in place to ensure that the victim is being listened to and the investigation is properly handled.


Agreed when warranted CCP (including its volunteers) should act quickly, decisively and transparently.

But I would also warn Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater so people who make parallels or even direct claims such as in-game actions of exploding space pixels is the equivalent of real-life crimes or act as if such actions on their own should count as cyber bullying and be sanctioned are the opposite end of the spectrum and try to exploit the rules the other way around to support their narrative.

In my opinion both actual harassment and trying to exploit the rules hiding behind them and pretending to be a victim should be acted upon because both are damaging to the community and the future of the game.

Actual harassment of course is a more serious case but the opposite extreme is also damaging so despite the good intentions make sure both are treated properly instead of permitting either on the forums and in-game.


Almost all the harassment happens out of game and on discord. Best of luck policing it


I can only echo phantomites sentiments, they are nearly a carbon copy of my experiance with the doxxing of CSM candidates a while back. The failure to communicate to us about the issues and greivences that we both have is an indictment of the serious need for new policies and procedures going forward such that the rules are enforced equally among all players.


And when direct evidence is a available?

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Anyone found breaking the Event Code of Conduct or deemed a danger to others will not be allowed to participate in official player gathering events, such as Fanfest. We also will not officially support or attend player events that harbor such individuals and do not abide by the Event Code of Conduct.

What is the EVE Code of Conduct, though? You want a blueprint in place to deal with harassment, but where is the basis for this blueprint?

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I have been subjected to homophobic abuse countless times in EVE. I wouldn’t say it’s a common trend, but definately happens atleast once or twice a month - Ive also seen Ship names with things homophobic and quite frankly disgusting flying around space, antagonising people - Although this isnt ‘direct’ it is still there and disturbing. So i’d love to ask for a filter on things like ‘cargo boxes’ ‘containers’ ‘ships’ ‘simulated fittings’ ‘stations’ ‘deployables’ in space - to not allow anything homophobic/racist or against guidelines, and a punishment for anything considered a bypass.


No, you weren’t.

What Shines said here is key.

CCP’s track record on handling this type of thing is not good. Players have been banned with no evidence, those bans have been reversed, and it’s caused quite a bit of trouble all around.

The lack of any kind of process for allegations is a significant issue with the explanations here. What happens if someone is accused? Will they have a chance to refute the allegations? Who decides? What’s the burden of proof? None of these things are addressed, and forgive me and others who have been on the receiving end of false allegations (there are some in this thread, as I noted above), if we are skeptical about how these issues will be investigated and adjudicated.

Everyone has a right to feel safe, everyone with an allegation should be heard. But the accused also deserve a chance to defend themselves, and there needs to be some kind of outlined process that explains to folks what happens and how it happens. I, for one, will not rest easy with the idea that players can be removed from things at CCP’s discretion.


I think you may have misread.
The two documents are the TOS and the event code of conduct


If you could do something about people threatening to kill and rape you and your family because you blew up one of their spaceships, that would be great. But I totes understand it if you’re already directing most of your resources toward approving PvP “victim” ship loss reimbursement petitions and just aren’t able to get around to this, so it’s cool, no pressure at all.


Did you report them though? Because if nobody reports such content CCP will not be aware of their presence.


Even more worrying is the fact even among CSM it had occurred as your own case showed.

I don’t wanna sound insensitive, but maybe you should just ignore it. You’re never going to be able to control what other people think, and if we have accusations of “so and so said X and that actually means Y”, then it’s going to be a big fat mess for everyone involved.

There’s a block feature. Use it. If someone is harassing you, ignore them. You not ignoring them gives them power.


You could make a ‘player ran tribunal’ - Which shows any evidence gathered, accusation and let the players decide if it’s punishable. These players would be veteran players and picked at random, Of course players would need to ‘sign up for jury duty’ and be randomly selected perhaps?

EVE is it’s own entity as stated, and has been player ran for decades… Why not let the players decide.

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Agreed, although I report such cases there is no evidence what if anything is done to these players to make them refrain from such in the future. I understand it is sort of a privacy issue so they just post the generic we’re looking into it but can’t post details response but a bit more transparency would prove they actually do something about such cases. I think anyone would appreciate them (maybe except the ones harassing and I don’t care about their feeling tbh).

Just an example:


I mean, generally this is what i have been doing, it no longer bothers me, but someone could seriously get triggered by this kind of behaviour. As a community We shouldn’t have to ignore it and move on.