CCP advisory note on what you can write in these forums

In 2017 CCP had a drive to overhaul and refresh EVE Online’s web presence. Part of this was the launch of new forums for EVE Online, Introducing the New Eve Online Forums,

When we made the announcement, we used the text "For the launch of these new forums, we’ve undertaken a complete review of the forums rules and how we utilize and enforce our moderation policy, with a view to relaxing things and promoting more open and liberal discussion. ".

Hilariously, some people took this to believe that you would be able to have an open discussion in the new forums without any heavy-handed censorship from CCP. Ha!

Oh God, how that one made us laugh back in Iceland. We all had to dash into Kaffibarinn for a few shots of Fjallagrasa Moss Schnapps at the time because we were literally laughing so much. I mean really, open and liberal discussion, come on, right?

Getting serious for a minute though (frowny face), recently some rather naughty pilots have tried to discuss some stuff on the forums that is really just not on. and frankly, this has left us a little rattled.

Moderators have had to work hard to shut down any ‘inappropriate’ discussion of these topics but some of them are so distressed now that they keep singing (read: yelling) ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ and demanding more Bjórlíki. I mean who drinks THAT?!

Anyway in the spirit of helpfulness here’s a list of things that you really mustn’t discuss, okay?

  • Sexist, misogynistic and homophobic content within Eve.
  • Whether or not CCP cares about sexist, misogynistic and homophobic content.
  • Whether or not CCP does anything tangible about sexist, misogynistic and homophobic content.
  • Whether Brian is the son of God or just a really naughty boy.

Also please don’t reference anything silly like the Everyday Sexism Project or the use of the hashtag #MeToo_). The very idea that we might need to update our thinking on things because the world around us has changed a bit (well, quite a lot actually) is just really, really scary.

We now off to have a long lie down.

Gonna have to say IB4TL!!

Seems I missed the boat on all the other closed threads.:roll_eyes::smiling_imp:

You’re on tilt.

Just walk away. You’re going to lose anyway, so it’s not worth stressing over.

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Thing is, OP, all the things you brought up are covered in the EULA. If you find a name you think breaks the rules, you can file a ticket. If it doesn’t break the rules, nothing will happen. If it does, the name will be changed.

But just because something offends you personally, doesn’t mean it’s generally offensive. You’re going to have to learn that rules need to be objective, not subjective, and what’s good for one is good for all. What’s wrong for one, is wrong for all.

We also don’t need your list of things to not talk about on the forums. The forum rules are available for everyone’s perusal, and you’re attempting to drum up politically-motivated controversy. That’s against the forum rules.

Anyway, inb4 lock and probably ban too, given how much trouble you’re causing for the ISDs right now.

Why bother with some names that immature peeps make for a game character and the response of ccp and isd’s on that part…
Just like Scipio said ; just walk away.

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Topic moved to Out of Pod Expierience

Please take note:

In no way shape or form does CCP or the ISD Program condone Sexism or any other issues you have brought up now multiple times over a series of posts.

EVE Online is Officially Rated as a PG 13 Game. The Names mentioned in the post regarding if they are appropriate do not abide by CCP’s Naming policy and was removed.


I am locking this thread for rules 2 (Discussion of Moderation) and 5 (Re-Opening Locked Topics)

The correct procedure for dealing with players who you think are breaking the EULA or TOS is to file a support ticket.

Complaining about it on the forums is only going to incite conflict.

Do not recreate this thread.