CCP’s Continuing Indifference to Sexism and Mysogniny, 2

In an impressive move, rather than permit any discussion of sexist, misogynistic and homophobic content within Eve, or offer up any information as to how they might stop this kind of language being used in the future, CCP has summarily closed down both threads.

Like I posted before, it really, really is like a scene from Monty Python (or something similarly darkly satirical).

I’m not going to discuss the content of the threads because that would cause this thread to be shut down and censored, but just in case you want to read them, here’s the links:

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The social justice warriors are out in full force tonight. Must be a full moon.


I can honestly say that I’m a warrior in the true sense of the word.


If you can help it, stop being an idiot OP

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Well no this is actually interesting. How will moderators handle these repeated violations? Firing up the microwave right now, getting some popcorn.

Carry on, OP!


I don’t feel that objecting to sexist, misogynistic and homophobic content within Eve is idiotic at all, however if you do then that’s quite telling.

By the way, aren’t we supposed to be talking about the substance here, rather than dishing out personalise pejorative insults?

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Free Speech by XKCD

Learn it…